Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RAK received

Good evening everyone,

Look at this beautiful RAK Christmas ornament from Angela, we did a private exchange in the fall and what she mailed to me never arrived and she was kind enough to send me another one.  The finishing on it is beautiful! It's a LK pattern and she used DMC threads, stitched on lugana.

I managed to find some stitching interest today, finished stitching my exchange piece, I'll work on making it an ornament later this week while it's raining as predicted for 5 strait days.  Then I decided to stitch an ornament for myself, since I haven't done one this year for my ornie tree.  I pulled out the 2011 JCS ornie magazine and started Love and Joy by JBW, it's a quick stitch, I believe I will have it completed by tomorrow.

Friday night is the monthly stitch in, I plan on attending this one!  It's the cookie exchange meeting, my kids are done with soccer games, practices and meetings, the DD isn't scheduled to work, I won't be rushed.  I always take something to stitch when I do attend, but never pull it out, I paruze the store, gab a bit, and end up making a purchase of some sort.  It's a beautiful store, but you add 15+ women in it and there isn't any room, and I can't stitch well without my magnifier, I have the little one that attaches to the Q snaps, but I find it frustrating and just have more admiring everyone else's projects.

WEll, time to get dinner in the oven, working on a Shepherds Pie.  Yumm.

Blessings to everyone


  1. Beautiful! Angela does beautiful stitching and finishing!

  2. Aww it is so sweet ..
    I love it x

  3. What a beautiful ornament Angela made for you! She & I have also done a private exchange but I am waiting to unwrap mine until she receives hers : ) Wish I could go with you to the stitch-in ... sounds like fun : ) What is the name of the shop where it is held? I must have a magnifier when I stitch as well. Can't see even 14 ct projects without one.