Sunday, July 29, 2012

still here

Dear Friends,

I haven't been writing much as my world has been just plain busy, i have read my blogs and commented here and there but keep running out of time.  I have taken over as team administrator for the mens jv and varsity soccer team at the high school, so I have been trying to learn everything and get organized and make sure all the paperwork is in since tryouts are next week.  fun fun.

I have managed to do a little, and I do mean little on shepherds bush and my LHN two yellow houses but i also had to redo an exchange piece that had some issues upon its arrival so that had to be take care of.

also last friday my washing machine started smoking on the inside, a front loader, only 4 years old and the fire alarm went off.  I am so thankful that I bought the extended warranty, they come tomorrow to decide repair or replace, I even took video, lol.  my clothes had to soak and soak to get the smoke smell out but it was successful.

Last night my hubby and I went on a date to a winery that is owned by friends that he works with relatives, it was a wonderful chance to sit and enjoy some adult company, sip on some wine, enjoy the country, and eat some steak.  the wine was fantastic and we got a tour of how he does his production.

Yesterday and today the weather has been hot and the boys are in a tournament, so far they have won 3 of 3 played, one more game at 6:15, it's so nice it's just a short drive away.

scary storms friday night

front rolling in before broke loose

shepherds bush progress

two yellow houses progress

I just wanted to check in and show my pictures, hope everyone has a fantastic week...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Good afternoon friends,  the mail came early and my new chart and linen arrived for CCN's Home sweet Home, looks like it will be a quick stitch, now another dilemma, right after i ordered this pattern  ccn showed us her new releases, I love love her new cookies and milk...should i order that to?  I went to my lns yesterday to buy some sampler threads and she didn't have any of the new lhn and ccn charts so i was safe spending there, lol....humm hubby is out playing golf today...

but, I had to take baby boy to the vet this morning, he developed a huge "hematoma" I thought a cyst on his ear, they drained 2 ml of fluid and gave him some steroids to make the blood flow better, she believes it is from trauma, all i can think of is Chloe may have played a lil rough with him, anyways, I can't believe 15 min vet visit was $146.  really no play money now...sigh. I am so happy that it wasn't anything serious such as a cyst.

I have 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, I was sadly informed that something i mailed as part of an exchange has fallen apart, all i can think of is that blasted heat wave we had, 14 days straight of over 100 degree weather and it didn't have to travel far, it was in this heat as well.  I was excited to have the time to mail it early, so to make this all better, I've started a new piece for my partner and it will be finished into something that will NOT have adhesive involved.  so, I haven't gotten much of anything done of anything that I am making for myself.   Oh well, it is what it is...moving along.

well, I' guess I'll swing on over to the ABC website and shop?  lol

enjoy your day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A bit of this and that

I don't know where the time is going, I've been busy while my kids are visiting their dad in PA, I've done some dabbling with sewing and crocheting and some stitching.  The Death heat has broken and has been replaced with some humidity but it is more bare able, we had 14 days of temps over 100.  the rain that's been predicted bails so the ground is dry, the grass is burned (kids will be happy that there is nothing to mow, lol)  My garden is wonderful, tomatoes are just starting to turn, i have 1 green pepper, but I will enjoy it and my zucchini are going crazy, next year, we will have a bigger garden, I started small this year since we have a lot of clay but we put down 10 bags of dirt and planted some veggies and we are happy with the progress.

Chloe is a beast, just turned 5 months, her personality is toddler stubborn.  she is funny and lovable but oh so mischievous, the kids are going to be surprised at how big she has grown in 2 weeks.  she just learned how to jump out of my trailblazer this week, pitiful, she would put her paws on either side of my shoulders and I would have to lift her out, she is far to big now.
Chloe at 5 months and duncan

I have been doing some sewing projects, making mug rugs, they are so cute and I made a pillow from the patriotic garden, i found perfect fabric at jo anns for it.
Patriotic garden- Waxwing moon

I finished two exchanges pieces as well, but i can't share them yet.  and I am working on a Rak for a new friend.

I spent a good amount of time on my shepherds bush piece, it's a lot of starting and stopping to change colors, i feel like I'm making so little progress.  this evening I pulled out my two yellow houses by LHN, it's so pretty but I know i need to concentrate on the shepherds bush piece.  I also ordered sweetest home by CCN a few weeks back, sigh, I'm still waiting for it to come, I'm not going to complain, Like i need more stash...

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe weekend.

Blessing to all

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sitting over the ac

Hello good friends, it's been a little while since I posted, I've been reading but haven't had the interest to do very hot here, we've been breaking records here all week, even the dogs don't want to play in their pool. Let's play catch up... My premature baby boy turned sixteen on June 28th, I can't believe he is so grown up, seems like yesterday he was saying "ciao,ciao" as we strolled the streets in La Maddalena. Oh I miss living there so very much. Anyways, back to reality, we had his girlfriend and her parents over for dinner and had a wonderful evening talking and eating. BBQ ribs, beans and DQ ice cream cake. This iPad won't let me add pictures, guess I'll have to do that late. Last week we went to my parents for a few days in Lake City, Pa, the kids dad picked them up from there for two weeks. I had a good time visiting with my parents. My dad is 80. Mom is 79, they are considering selling the grape farm and looking for some properties. If you can picture husband is 6'3" driving my moms mini van, he is also black, my dad up front is heard of hearing and my mom is deaf in left ear, we were driving out in the country arging over which way to turn, my dad says he can't hear me, then a minute latter he is telling me I'm yelling that he isn't deaf! Ugh. My husband said he was about to stop the van and smack all of It was funny. I had hubby home from work for 6 days, I felt so spoiled! It was fantastic. Chloe is getting bigger, will be 5 months this weekend, she got the all clear from the vet on her spay, she can go to the lake with us- she is a chicken- next time we take the boat out she is going to be baptized! She will learn (I hope) that she is a water dog. I've been working on a few projects...those I can't show as they have to do with two exchanges I am participating in, I am very excited about this again, one is seasonal and the other is a tea or garden themed. I also have gotten into crocheting again, I went through mom's boxes of knitting and crocheting books and needles before she turns it over to my cousin. I like to crochet, I'm not a good knitter but I have so many memories of mom doing both that I want to hold onto that part of her. She is finishing up some quilts to before she gives me her Janome machine, I have a lot of learning to do when I get it, the whole machine is a computer. I've spent the past two days cross stitching, crocheting and surfing blog land for tutorials and patterns for these exchanges. I suppose I should go start dinner...before I get side tracked again. Enjoy your weekend and have a safe one.