Sunday, July 29, 2012

still here

Dear Friends,

I haven't been writing much as my world has been just plain busy, i have read my blogs and commented here and there but keep running out of time.  I have taken over as team administrator for the mens jv and varsity soccer team at the high school, so I have been trying to learn everything and get organized and make sure all the paperwork is in since tryouts are next week.  fun fun.

I have managed to do a little, and I do mean little on shepherds bush and my LHN two yellow houses but i also had to redo an exchange piece that had some issues upon its arrival so that had to be take care of.

also last friday my washing machine started smoking on the inside, a front loader, only 4 years old and the fire alarm went off.  I am so thankful that I bought the extended warranty, they come tomorrow to decide repair or replace, I even took video, lol.  my clothes had to soak and soak to get the smoke smell out but it was successful.

Last night my hubby and I went on a date to a winery that is owned by friends that he works with relatives, it was a wonderful chance to sit and enjoy some adult company, sip on some wine, enjoy the country, and eat some steak.  the wine was fantastic and we got a tour of how he does his production.

Yesterday and today the weather has been hot and the boys are in a tournament, so far they have won 3 of 3 played, one more game at 6:15, it's so nice it's just a short drive away.

scary storms friday night

front rolling in before broke loose

shepherds bush progress

two yellow houses progress

I just wanted to check in and show my pictures, hope everyone has a fantastic week...

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