Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween Exchange

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Parsley.  She hosted a halloweeen exchange and aside from a stitched piece we also hadtoincludea trick and a treat.  She made me a pumpkin oval box ( love pumpkins!) Andincludedcharts from LHN and Homespun Elegance.  a few extra goodiesand my treat was some "poo poo" lip gloss.  I had to check it out, phew, it neither smells or looks like " poo poo"  Thanks for  hosting this exchange.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Good morning everyone,

I just caught up with everyone's blogs, admiring all the fall and Halloween stitching going on.  It's all so beautiful. I think you are me.  Ugh! Fall market didn't help me behave either :)
The past 2 weeks have been busy.  While DH was in TX I was trying to punch holes in our boat tarp to use bungee cords and I cut my left index finger to the point I had to get 4 stitches, the good news, I could still stitch!  It's all better and stitches are out, just a nasty scar.  It was a stupid accident, one of which I could have prevented by holding the scissors correctly.  I'll spare you the pictures :)

DH came back from TX and it was time to celebrate my daughters sweet 16, she chose a Japanese Hibachi with 2 of her best buddies.  Her present was a Maroon 5 concert ticket which she declared, was the best night of her life...

I've been getting stitching in and pleased with my progress on Pumpkin Hollow Farms.  I have also been working on my Halloween exchanges and did manage to have some stitch friends over during the day, I didn't get much done, we were talking and eating to much. Now it's been 4 days since I've touched Needle and thread, my son was Tboned as he left school last Thursday, he and all the kids involved are ok.  Our car, well, still waiting on the insurance to give us an idea if we need to start shopping or are they going to fix it.  Poor kid, he said I did everything right mom, cell phone is off, radio was off, seatbelts on....the kid that hit him has only had his license for 3 weeks.
I'm just glad all the kids are ok and that it wasn't his fault.  St. Christopher saves us again. 

I have a new nephew about to be born, 14 days to go!  I whipped up a little afghan for him and gave it to momma over the weekend.  This is very exciting since this baby we will be able to see a few days old now that we live closer.  He's a very active baby and my daughter couldn't stop smiling as we held my SIL's tummy and felt him move and respond to mommy waking him up. 

I think that pretty much catches me up for the past few weeks.  I will try to post more frequently.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and stitches

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Fall

Good afternoon !

Oh isn't this a beautiful time of the year?  I love it, we still have heat, will be in the 90's tomorrow but I've had the windows open here and there and love it!!!

Such a busy weekend  here, my baby girl will be 16 tomorrow, I can't believe it.   She is still as headstrong as the day she was born.  Such an independent young person.  Don't try to talk her out of something, she is a stubborn one. Leading up to her decision to cut her hair off, with the intentions of donating it to locks of love.  Well, another stylist dropped the pony tail all over the floor and it's useless now, sadly we didn't even get an apology.  Very disappointed, why she started fussing with it is beyond me but  she pulled some out of the middle and it all dropped out of the rubber band....
The good news is, it is an adorable cut on her.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the boat out and was putting a canvas tarp over it to keep falling leaves out and....I knew better...I said to myself, self this is dangerous....yet I continued to poke a hole with the scissors open and sliced my left index finger was in slow motion...I was saying noooooo as I watched and ran in the house to see how bad, well, I had to go get 4 stitches...but it's in my left hand and I can still stitch...woo hoo, typing is kicking my butt  however.   Yes its tender but I knew better.  All I could think of was the exchanges I need to get  I told the doctor if I couldn't find a place I was going to stitch it myself, but then what color floss to use???  Lesson learned, don't be stupid, I was stupid.

I've been working on Pumpkin Hollow  Farms by LHN, love the colors, here is my bit of progress.

For those of you wondering about hubby and I, we are a work in progress, but things are better, only time will tell.

Have a safe and blessed week!
Hugs and stitches to all.