Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 new finishes

Good morning dear friends,
Thank you so much for stopping by.

Last night hubby and I went to dinner and took in a movie, it was nice to get away for an evening.  I really enjoyed the movie, Jack Reacher, if you like Tom Cruise, you'll like the movie. 

I managed to finish two ornaments this morning, my 2 last pieces before the holiday activity begins. 

Season of Love by LHN

Kringles Crow by Threadwork Primatives

I really floppled back and forth with makeing them into pillow ornaments, but I didn't like the fabric I had and then I just stared at the machine  wondering if I really was going to take my time, the answer was no, so I did flat ornaments and I think they came out really well.

I am having withdrawls from my LNS, I haven't been in a few weeks so I am wondering if I should head up, you  know, just to say hello and take a peak...

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, please be safe and blessed.


Friday, December 21, 2012

A finish and a crazy 24 hours

Last night my son showed me some posts on Facebook, sadly there was chatter about impending gun violence for today,  I called the school regarding the matter, though I didn't believe it was a matter to call the police, I felt the school needed to know, apparently a lot of parents called the police, it was a ghost town on campus this morning and there were police all over.  This is a combined middle and high school with over 2000 students.  Even after this all ended the rumors were still going on that a gun was found in a locker.  It is so hard to keep kids focused and think when all this is going on.  

Here is the article from our local news.

Teen arrested in Glen Este HS threats

Tom McKee,
Dec 21, 2012 3:15 p.m.

A 15-year-old girl was arrested Friday for inducing panic and tampering with evidence. Police say she made threats on Facebook about possible violence at Glen Este High School and Middle School.
Dr. Gary Brooks, West Clermont schools superintendent, said the school board is recommending the student be suspended for ten days and eventually face expulsion.
The girl told authorities she initiated the post about a shooting "to see what would happen," according to Union Township Police Lt. Scott Gaviglia. She's been booked in the Clermont County Jail. Investigators say the threat was focused on the middle school.
Gaviglia said the teen's Facebook post caused hundreds of concerned parents to call the police department Thursday and prompted other parents to keep their children out of school for the day.
Brooks said about half of the middle school student body was absent on Friday and absenteeism was up slightly at the high school.
West Clermont Schools Superintendent Dr. Gary Brooks said the threat was taken seriously and there were extra police on the Glen Este campus Friday morning as school began -- both uniformed and undercover -- as a precaution.
There are no other suspects. Gaviglia said rumors of police finding a weapon at the school are unfounded and the case is closed.
Scripps Only Content 2012

On a better note I finished this ornament for my mom today.  It's from the 2012 jcs ornament issue,  I have 2 more finishes that should be ready for tomorrow.  I'm happy that my finishing skills are getting better!  I'm a work in progress.
 and the puppies are ready to go to grandma's house for Christmas...
 Hopefully tomorrow I can share with you the other two ornaments in the works...
have a wonderful evening


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Good morning everyone! Lets see, yesterday I took a trip to Joann's, hobby lobby and Michaels looking for a particular kind of yarn and didn't find what I wanted, but I did find some beautiful chunky like yarn and started an afghan.m. I started it 3 times, lol only to rip it all out this morning and start over, my OCD kicked in with the chain 207 and by row 3 I was convinced I added to many, but this morning it started out fine, except I think I need to go back and find another color, I bought all they had of the dye lot but I don't I have enough for an afghan. Oh and I had to track down a whole different pattern, the "easy" one I initially picked left me more confused than ever, but I found a ripple/ v stitch one and I'm excited to see the finished product.

My winter plaid is on hold as I wait for additional thread to show up. I did manage to complete season of love, it's so cute, I need some quick gifts so I may try to whip out 2 more Ronnie's this week.

We had crazy downpours yesterday while I was at the Highschool, when I got home our subdivision had hail all over, we had a little pile over 5" deep, but alas it's gone. We are finally supposed to have some winter weather by Thursday. Yeah!!!

Well I'm off to make some cut outs, I've put it off long enough...I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Hugs and stitches,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up

Hello friends,

Welcome to my newest followers, thank you for stopping by.  As always I think I'll get some time to sit and stitch and well, life happens:)  Weekends are no good for my stitching time, always something going on ,but this is a hobby, not a race.

I just finished a batch of peanut butter blossoms, last night M&M cookies, I am undecided if I will make cut outs or gingersnaps.  It's not very productive when the kids keep coming in for taste testing, have to run them down to the freezer before they are gone.

I have two little projects going on at the moment, Season of Love, by LHN, it looks like something I could do in a day but that isn't happening :)  the other is another LHN, Winter Plaid but I ran out of a color and my lns didn't have it and I just received a email from the ONS i placed an order with last week and was told they are out of it too.  I wish the pattern would have mentioned it requires 2 skeins.  It is what it is and we move on!  I have everything ready to work on baby it's cold outside, I am undecided on my color of fabric choice, she was out of "ale" so i choose an autumn gold, the colors are beautiful on it but I'm not sure if I should order ale, what do you think....the fabric has more of an orange hue to it that what the picture shows...
 My progress on winter plaid...
My Stitchers choice that I made for HOE exchange
Season of Love by CCN in the July / Aug 2010 magazine JCS
I love it, I think I'll make another for myself

Kringles Crow by Threadwork Primative
not sure how to finish it, having a bit of a block by I love it, the red just captivates me...

 My two knucklehead pups each chewing on a end of nylabone, I've got them all over the house but they always want what the other has

I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week, keep the CT families in our prayers as we move forward...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Exchange Received and a finish

Good morning everyone,
Our internet was acting weird yesterday so I wasn't able to post last night this wonderful exchange I received from Shannon, this is the second private exchange I've done with her and I look forward to more in the future, she made these two beautiful ornaments and added tiny little beads and added some goodies into the package    here are some pics

this is what I sent to her, it is Gingerbread Tree by LHN in the July August 2010 JCS sneak peak christmas ornament magazine, I did however, forget to take pictures of the goodies I sent her...

I just came back upstairs from finishing two ornaments, I can only share one with you as the other is going out in the mail tomorrow for HOE stitchers choice ornament.

I did Love and Joy by JBW from the 2011 JCS Christmas ornie issue.  It was a very fast stitch.  I'm pleased with the overall outcome.  It hit me this week that I've done several ornaments but nothing for myself.  So I went to work, I also started Kringles Crow by Threadwork Primatives last night and will try to work on it more today

 Now off to bake cookies for the stitch in this evening at our LNS...

Thanks for stopping by...I do love all your comments, I learn so much from all these blogs and the friendships I've formed.

Blessings to all,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

RAK received

Good evening everyone,

Look at this beautiful RAK Christmas ornament from Angela, we did a private exchange in the fall and what she mailed to me never arrived and she was kind enough to send me another one.  The finishing on it is beautiful! It's a LK pattern and she used DMC threads, stitched on lugana.

I managed to find some stitching interest today, finished stitching my exchange piece, I'll work on making it an ornament later this week while it's raining as predicted for 5 strait days.  Then I decided to stitch an ornament for myself, since I haven't done one this year for my ornie tree.  I pulled out the 2011 JCS ornie magazine and started Love and Joy by JBW, it's a quick stitch, I believe I will have it completed by tomorrow.

Friday night is the monthly stitch in, I plan on attending this one!  It's the cookie exchange meeting, my kids are done with soccer games, practices and meetings, the DD isn't scheduled to work, I won't be rushed.  I always take something to stitch when I do attend, but never pull it out, I paruze the store, gab a bit, and end up making a purchase of some sort.  It's a beautiful store, but you add 15+ women in it and there isn't any room, and I can't stitch well without my magnifier, I have the little one that attaches to the Q snaps, but I find it frustrating and just have more admiring everyone else's projects.

WEll, time to get dinner in the oven, working on a Shepherds Pie.  Yumm.

Blessings to everyone

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exchange Received and Christmas decoration

Hello dear friends,

First I want to say hello to any newcomers that have signed up to follow me, "Hello" and thank you for stoping by.

I've been spending time with family (hubby had a 4 day weekend) and decorating the house, I have barely done any stitching, I did manage to do some yesterday, well, more ripping then stitching, I found a mistake and well it got the best of me so rip I did.  I am still working on Winter Plaid and an exchange piece that I need to mail by the 15th.

 received a Christmas ornament from Hooked On Exchanges- stitchers choice exchange yesterday, it really made my day since I've been waiting on two other exchanges that were  mailed in early Nov and have yet to get to me,  but receiving one yesterday put a smile on my face.  Becky at Stitchin Post really spoiled me with some goodies...
some Lindor truffles, a glue stick, floss, scissors, thread, and hand sanitizer

a ornament from, dmc fibers and opalescent linen from her stash,
Its so cute that it is a real stitching ornament

What else have I been up to?  Christmas decorating, in and out of the house

Top is our family tree in the great room, the second is outside decorating so far, I have icicles to hang, well, DH needs to hang :) and lastly my stitching tree in our study, it has more ornaments on it than you can see, but I call it my charlie brown tree.  So far so good with Chloe, at 9 months old she has left the tree, tinsel and ornaments alone, but she did grab my bread off the island yesterday when I turned my back to reach into the fridge...she is so tall now she gets into kitchen naughtiness easily now, it's hard to  redirect the dogs since the great room, eating area and kitchen are all one giant room...

It's been incredible warm here in southern Ohio, we had temps of 72 yesterday, and another warm day today except rain will be here this morning, makes it a good day to stitch!  I hope everyone has a blessed week and a smile on their face.