Friday, December 21, 2012

A finish and a crazy 24 hours

Last night my son showed me some posts on Facebook, sadly there was chatter about impending gun violence for today,  I called the school regarding the matter, though I didn't believe it was a matter to call the police, I felt the school needed to know, apparently a lot of parents called the police, it was a ghost town on campus this morning and there were police all over.  This is a combined middle and high school with over 2000 students.  Even after this all ended the rumors were still going on that a gun was found in a locker.  It is so hard to keep kids focused and think when all this is going on.  

Here is the article from our local news.

Teen arrested in Glen Este HS threats

Tom McKee,
Dec 21, 2012 3:15 p.m.

A 15-year-old girl was arrested Friday for inducing panic and tampering with evidence. Police say she made threats on Facebook about possible violence at Glen Este High School and Middle School.
Dr. Gary Brooks, West Clermont schools superintendent, said the school board is recommending the student be suspended for ten days and eventually face expulsion.
The girl told authorities she initiated the post about a shooting "to see what would happen," according to Union Township Police Lt. Scott Gaviglia. She's been booked in the Clermont County Jail. Investigators say the threat was focused on the middle school.
Gaviglia said the teen's Facebook post caused hundreds of concerned parents to call the police department Thursday and prompted other parents to keep their children out of school for the day.
Brooks said about half of the middle school student body was absent on Friday and absenteeism was up slightly at the high school.
West Clermont Schools Superintendent Dr. Gary Brooks said the threat was taken seriously and there were extra police on the Glen Este campus Friday morning as school began -- both uniformed and undercover -- as a precaution.
There are no other suspects. Gaviglia said rumors of police finding a weapon at the school are unfounded and the case is closed.
Scripps Only Content 2012

On a better note I finished this ornament for my mom today.  It's from the 2012 jcs ornament issue,  I have 2 more finishes that should be ready for tomorrow.  I'm happy that my finishing skills are getting better!  I'm a work in progress.
 and the puppies are ready to go to grandma's house for Christmas...
 Hopefully tomorrow I can share with you the other two ornaments in the works...
have a wonderful evening



  1. Aww super cute ornament finish..sweet fur babies :)
    Love you dear friend xxx

  2. So nice ornament.
    And I love how your dogs sit on the stairs and look so lovely.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

    I hope my english is ok.

  3. Amazing ~ just to see what would happen....wonder if she realized how this will change her life for a long time to come!
    Your finish is adorable!