Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exchange received

Wanted to show some photos of a piece I received in the mail today from the LK exchange. Melissa did a beautiful job and also stated that it was her first no sew cube. She did fantastic and it's very cute.

I didn't get much done today stitching wise, started a new piece Polly Wolly Doodle, it's looking cute, I also prepared a contract piece I'm doing, another Shepherds Bush piece, I have some time to work on it since it's a Christmas piece. I've been surfing for some LHN pieces and getting ready to put an order in for some Crescent Colors to go with the LHN patterns. I don't know why I'm looking to buy more at this moment, I just bought the Rose Sampler and Traveling Sticher project piece by LHN. Guess you can say I'm hooked ;)

Hoping your evening brings you joy dear friends,


Friday, February 24, 2012

works in progress

Good afternoon dear friends,
I am making some progress on my african woman but not as much as I'd like, I just can't seem to sit still this week, ( my dad was readmitted to the hospital with an infection following a bypass on his leg and my dog has been ill) OK, so I have been doing some sewing, I love bags, I don't need anymore bags but I love them just the same. I ordered one of Vera Bradley's hipster on ebay and then the same day I took some moda scraps from a jelly roll and made a little bag. I think my husband calls me "a hot mess" but it's with love. OK, so I am also absent minded. I took a music certificate to put in my daughters folder and decided to rearrange the spare bedroom and now I can't find the darn certificate, I went through everything twice! ugh. I walked away and will look again later.

Here are my pictures of progress. Everyone have a safe and blessed weekend.


UPDATE: I found the certificate after going through the closet, cedar chest, cross stitch files for a third time and found it in the folder that I put it in right from the beginning and looked at it 3 times to finally focus on the date and saw it was the one she gave me. I think I should go back to bed and restart the day. LOL. I am afraid to touch my cross stitch now for fear I'll really mess it up, lol. Everyone, enjoy your weekend!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow fairy and a sick puppy

Happy Friday to everyone! It's been a busy week. I received these beautiful roses from my dear hubby. They are still so beautiful, I hope they last a little longer so I can continue to enjoy them.

My little boy Duncan has been sick since Sat, so we took him to the vet Wed where they gave him some IV fluid and anti nausea and a new diet, X-rays and bloodwork (and a very large bill) it appears he may have something stuck in his tummy, we know there is nothing metallic or plastic as that would have shown up but he has been known to eat his part of his blanket (but it always passed right through him) so he has perked up and is doing very well, I love having to check his poo every time he goes, so far nothing has appeared, lets just hope he continues to be on the mend. He is the biggest baby, following me around everywhere, his appetite is back to.

Lastly here is my With My Needle and Thread Miss Snow Fairy all framed up and looking cute, I left her wings off.

I also finished my LK exchange piece, will need to put that in the mail next week. I will place a photo once I am sure my partner has received it.

Well dinner is on the stove, dh just walked in, dog is doing a happy dance that his daddy is home, time to enjoy my family for the evening. Have a blessed night.


Monday, February 13, 2012

big smiley faces

I'm still amazed at the internet, it is such an incredible tool and I wouldn't have been able to learn all these fabulous finishes without it and all the wonderful people out there who have posted tutorials. I have saved so much money learning how to do soft finishes, but it has created a monster too. ;)
My progress is progressing on my African piece, even more since I took this picture earlier today.

OK, now I'm excited about the Q-snap "grim guard" I like to call it a cozy. Anyways, before 2 weeks ago I had never even heard of such a thing and I have used Q-snaps for as long as they first came out. So I went to a stitch in 2 weeks ago and thought it was the coolest thing. Some folks sell them, various prices, but I'm industrious and went on a mission... Well, here is the part we get to dance, I found a tutorial on the net that tells you how to make your own and poof, I did it, takes about 10 min to make one. They are so great to tuck the fabric into on a long piece that this one is in. I've made a 6x6 and a 11x11 so far. Yeah!

here is the url for the blog and I'll add it to my finishing section too.

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

very productive week

Good morning friends, I have been trying to find a sewing pattern to make a project book to keep projects tidy. I finally found one on ESTY, ( a pdf) that used vinyl but I just changed it around for fabric and worked on it yesterday, it is a bit smaller than i had envisioned but next one I'll just add a few more inches, overall I am pleased, it has 6 pockets, 3 in the front, 3 inside. Very proud of myself , especially since I did a zipper and it looks pretty good, not professional but every day I am learning something new about my abilities (I need more practice :) ) I haven't driven my husband crazy yet either. He works over an hour away and has 10+ hour days so it leaves me a lot of time to stitch while the kids are away.
I also started a birthday present for my mother in law, it is Soleil Ardent from Isabelle Haccourt Vautier, it done on a Khaki 32 ct linen and the colors are orange, I love the colors so far. Lastly, but the snowman is the winter exchange piece I completed, came out pretty cute, I used clear glass beads for the snowballs. Completed in pinks and purples pulled from the pattern itself.

I still love to visit and see all my favorite blogs and the beautiful finishes that everyone does...


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exchange received and IPad covers

Great Saturday to everyone.

I just had the loveliest surprise in the mail, a beautiful snowflake stitched over one with the tiniest of stitches and beading, it is absolutely wonderful and I cannot thank my exchange partner enough, Thank you Alison.

I spent a wonderful evening last night with my baby girl (14 yo) after her rehearsal we did some shopping at Ikea to get her a night stand, then appetizer and creme brûlée at Bravo's, so yummy and what a sugar rush, then a jont over to Keepsakes to buy more stash!

Today I tried making two more IPAD cover/sleeves. One with a zipper and well, lets just say I managed, I had to run to the store and buy a zipper foot. It works, I know I could do better, but it's cute.
Then I made another one that I really like, the fabric is pretty. It fits very tight as I already have a protective leather case on it, I just wanted more protection. I may try another and perhaps add an inch and use this one as a project case, it's just so pretty I don't want to give it away.

Ok, so one of these days' I'll learn to be a better blogger and get the photos correct!

Pay it Forward, Not just for Cross Stitchers

Last week Shirlee from The Easily Influenced Stitcher posted an invitation to participate in her Pay It Forward. I thought it sounded like fun so I said I'd be interested in taking part. Since I am new to the Cross stitching blog world, I was very excited to participate. I was one of the stitchers chosen to play along. Since Shirlee will be sending a gift to me I have in turn agreed to "pay it forward" & send gifts to two other stitchers : )

Pay It Forward is open to all stitchers ... not just cross stitchers. You must have a blog in order to play. If your name is chosen I will send you a little stitching gift such as described below & you will agree to do the following ...

1. If your name is chosen, you agree to do a Pay It Forward post on your blog & send a little stitching gift to at least two people.

2. You will send no more than 5 stitch-related items per person chosen within the next 365 days.

3. These items can be DMC threads, other threads, stitching needles, straight pins, buttons, scissors, ribbons or other trims, etc. Just little stitching related items. You can either send 5 different items; a combination of items such as 3 threads, a pack of stitching needles & a spool of ribbon; or 5 of the same item such as 5 threads.

4. All items must be brand new ... not used.

If you are interested in participating & would like to receive a Pay It Forward gift from me, please leave a comment on this post. Make sure you include your email address or have it available on your Blogger profile. If more than two people express an interest in doing this I will put the names on slips of paper & draw two of them. Please comment before Monday, February 20, 2012.