Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new giveaway

I just came across the cutest giveaway at Seasons of My Mind; Paws and stripes, it is the cutest pattern for us patriotic animal lovers.

My Favorite Things

Yippee, I did the Happy Dance today, My exchange arrived from across the pond!  It is Fantastic.  It was sent from FIonna from scotland.  She made this beautiful Standup, I believe the designer is a Lizzie Kate but what she included was like a Christmas Gift.  There Was a Button Tin and a Package of Button, a needle keep, a pkg of Needles, some hand dyed floss-3 skeins, 4 different spools of ribbon, 3 different cuts of material, 3 different packages of  Blue Lugana,  Rose Cashel linen and  Purple Jobelan , also a kit for a scissor keep, and 2 patterns, one is Summer Retreats from CCn  and the other is stitch every day by My mark.    It was a wonderful surprise receiving it today, I knew there was a delay but it still arrived sooner than I expected!  Thank you so much for the lovely package Fionna!  It surly is appreciated and this was my first time participating in the Stitched with Love exchange, I look forward to more!
Stitched with love exchange!

beautiful stand up

Hope everyone is enjoying there week

Saturday, June 23, 2012

some progress and an exchange

time to play catch up, well I received an apolagetic email this morning that my stitched with love exchange partner posted late so I have to wait a wee bit longer to see what my partner chose for me, I'm so excited it's hard to be patient, lol.  Feel like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, but I know it will be wonderful. 
Then I went to the mail box and I did have a box for a 1:1 exchange that I did with Shannon from A  Bit of This and That and wow, what a wonderful package, it truly made my day.  I loved everything inside.  She sent me this beautiful LHN Summer House piece, I love the little dog, we both have Golden Retrievers!  All the goodies, some floss and silks, buttons, charms, material and ribbon.  Thank you Shannon!

isn't it beautiful?

I have been trying to concentrate on my Shepherds Bush piece, so hard to do when I have WIPS calling my name!  Here is my slow progress...

Lastly, here is my progress on LHN's Two Yellow houses, I love this piece, the yellows and pinks are so cheerful.  I also ordered the pattern, material and threads for Home Sweet Home that I saw this morning on ABC Stitch Therapy.  Other projects that I have calling are CCN Bless this House and Star Spangled Garden.  So much to choose from...since one Wip is never enough I also started a Old Lizzie Kate pattern I dug up out of my file cabinet yesterday...A slice of Freedom, amazing how many patterns one buys only to file them away for someday. 
I thought I would get more stitching done today, my puppy got her spay done yesterday and I thought she would be all quiet and still, NOPE, says she.  She was bouncing around playing this morning, we had to crate her so she didn't do any damage to her incision.  Yes, she is wearing the cone of shame and not liking it one bit.  Little man Duncan isn't liking her getting all the attention so he is being persistant in demanding attention. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I believe we are going to take out the boat to the lake tomorrow, try to enjoy it this year since it stayed in our yard all last year (DH popped his bicep tendon last June and had surgury to reattach it- he was out of commission on lifting all summer) I can't wait unti Chloe heals up so we can toss her in the water and hopefully have her play with us.  My little Frenchie is so dense he would sink (has his own life jacket) but he hates the heat so he prefers the house a/c.
Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Even more stash

Good afternoon,
Had to share that I picked up  CCN's Bless our Home and Star Spangled Garden over the weekend while I was Erie visiting my parents.  So happy to find these two, I've been eyeing them but haven't purchased, but they were right out front calling my name and they were cheaper than my LNS so How could I possibly pass them up?  It's a good thing she only does cash or check, since I don't carry the checkbook and have little cash, i was able to keep my spending in check:)   I was able to work on Two Yellow Houses a wee bit, I spent some time walking the grape Farm, and Picked some Strawberries ( just made a Pie for dessert)  Wish I had brought more home.  I would have attempted to stop at the LNS in Columbus that some folks have suggested that I swing by but My road rage with the construction going on, so I passed for this trip, I'll do a little road trip with the store in mind only and see what trouble I can get into.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

Bless this home and Star Spangled Garden by CCN

Two Yellow Houses- LHN

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Stash and catching up

Dear Friends,
another birthday (44) came and went this weekend, DH bought me more beads for my Pandora Bracelet, I happily told him there is plenty of room for more !  We spent the afternoon at the movies and then dinner at Red Robin, it was 95* outside, I didn't want to do anything fancy in that kind of heat and I was happy to spend it with my family.
So  I made it to My LNS and picked up my Two Yellow Houses and Hill house by LHN, I was so excited she called me and said they had come in.  I've already started on the Yellow houses.  Oh was just to excited, so yet another day went by where I neglected to work on Shepherds bush.
I have a personal exchange that I am doing with another blogger and went downstairs to finish that and also finished a pillow for Mom (going to visit her this weekend) and a piece that I tried my luck with framing, it wasn't to difficult, I started with a small piece and as I gain confidence I will attempt bigger projects.

New stash
Chloe, only 4 months old watching
Plants vs aliens

My first  Framing!
Cala Lilly in my garden

Mom stitched this 20 years ago
so I finished it and will take it
to her this weekend
Well, Summer is in full swing, yard work is calling to us, the heat is on, the kids are home.  Enjoy your week!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Dance- A finish

Hello Dear Friends and thank you for stopping by.  Last night I was able to finish my LHN Iced Tea, this afternoon I promised to sit down and work on the Shepherds bush piece but I did not get far since my  daughter and I volunteered a few hours at the Yellow Ribbon support group, then I helped DS with some yard work.
the Yellow ribbon Support group is a Local community that sends care packages to the deployed troops, regardless of what branch of service they serve, they all serve for us.  There is a very sad story as to why this non profit organization formed, it was by the father of a Captured soldier and his search for him for several years that it was formed.  Long story Short, His remains, were returned to his family and the dedication of volunteers to send comfort to the troops continues several years later.  Matt Maupin is the soldier that graduated from our local High  School.  If you are interested in learning more, just follow the link www.yellowribbonsupportcenter.com   , I feel privileged to help this group, one because of being a navy spouse.

My son, well, that is another story, he just can't seem to stay ungrounded at the moment, will turn 16 this month, has had his computer, phone, chance to get his driving permits etc taken away, mostly do to some poor grades and more recently some bad choices, but that is what being a Teenager is about??  So I helped him do the yard work, as a mom, I hate to see him punished, I know he needs it so i figure he'll make more of an effort if he has some company...

hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having lately, school is out and summer is in!
Lilly in my garden

Lillies in my rose garden

Chloe at 15 weeks,look at the size of her paws!

Iced Tea from LHN

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Very Busy Week

Duncan and Chloe

Good afternoon everyone, I just realized that a good amount of time has gone by and this blog has been neglected.  Here is this past weeks events, both my kids had soccer tryouts for Next Spring!   conditioning starts on June 11th for their High school team.   I missed my lns stick in last night as I had to take my daughter to graduation, the band was required to play at it.  sigh.  OK, well, I mailed off my box for the Stitched with Love exchange, my first time participating, at this time I can't post a picture.  I have finished 3 more smalls, for another exchange that I am participating in, I can show you two of them, but not the third.  I have also started my LNS Iced tea with silks, it is so pretty but the silk is driving me batty.  hope to finish it by Monday, I'll be happy if I get a moment to stitch today.  I am waiting for my lns to get in two yellow houses and hill house as she sold the few she had before I could get to them!  damn the bad luck, lol.  as if I don't have enough stash....nuff said
Hope you all have a pleasant and blessed weekend!  Thanks for visiting!

Little House Needleworks Iced tea kit using silks

need to add the seed beads
Lizzie Kate freebie

I just love this lil Patriotic garden by Waxwing moon