Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Dance- A finish

Hello Dear Friends and thank you for stopping by.  Last night I was able to finish my LHN Iced Tea, this afternoon I promised to sit down and work on the Shepherds bush piece but I did not get far since my  daughter and I volunteered a few hours at the Yellow Ribbon support group, then I helped DS with some yard work.
the Yellow ribbon Support group is a Local community that sends care packages to the deployed troops, regardless of what branch of service they serve, they all serve for us.  There is a very sad story as to why this non profit organization formed, it was by the father of a Captured soldier and his search for him for several years that it was formed.  Long story Short, His remains, were returned to his family and the dedication of volunteers to send comfort to the troops continues several years later.  Matt Maupin is the soldier that graduated from our local High  School.  If you are interested in learning more, just follow the link   , I feel privileged to help this group, one because of being a navy spouse.

My son, well, that is another story, he just can't seem to stay ungrounded at the moment, will turn 16 this month, has had his computer, phone, chance to get his driving permits etc taken away, mostly do to some poor grades and more recently some bad choices, but that is what being a Teenager is about??  So I helped him do the yard work, as a mom, I hate to see him punished, I know he needs it so i figure he'll make more of an effort if he has some company...

hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having lately, school is out and summer is in!
Lilly in my garden

Lillies in my rose garden

Chloe at 15 weeks,look at the size of her paws!

Iced Tea from LHN

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  1. Sorry to hear about the problems with your son. I had one that caused a few problems while in school. But he is now 26 and is an awesome young man.
    Iced Tea looks great.
    Happy Stitching