Saturday, June 23, 2012

some progress and an exchange

time to play catch up, well I received an apolagetic email this morning that my stitched with love exchange partner posted late so I have to wait a wee bit longer to see what my partner chose for me, I'm so excited it's hard to be patient, lol.  Feel like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, but I know it will be wonderful. 
Then I went to the mail box and I did have a box for a 1:1 exchange that I did with Shannon from A  Bit of This and That and wow, what a wonderful package, it truly made my day.  I loved everything inside.  She sent me this beautiful LHN Summer House piece, I love the little dog, we both have Golden Retrievers!  All the goodies, some floss and silks, buttons, charms, material and ribbon.  Thank you Shannon!

isn't it beautiful?

I have been trying to concentrate on my Shepherds Bush piece, so hard to do when I have WIPS calling my name!  Here is my slow progress...

Lastly, here is my progress on LHN's Two Yellow houses, I love this piece, the yellows and pinks are so cheerful.  I also ordered the pattern, material and threads for Home Sweet Home that I saw this morning on ABC Stitch Therapy.  Other projects that I have calling are CCN Bless this House and Star Spangled Garden.  So much to choose from...since one Wip is never enough I also started a Old Lizzie Kate pattern I dug up out of my file cabinet yesterday...A slice of Freedom, amazing how many patterns one buys only to file them away for someday. 
I thought I would get more stitching done today, my puppy got her spay done yesterday and I thought she would be all quiet and still, NOPE, says she.  She was bouncing around playing this morning, we had to crate her so she didn't do any damage to her incision.  Yes, she is wearing the cone of shame and not liking it one bit.  Little man Duncan isn't liking her getting all the attention so he is being persistant in demanding attention. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I believe we are going to take out the boat to the lake tomorrow, try to enjoy it this year since it stayed in our yard all last year (DH popped his bicep tendon last June and had surgury to reattach it- he was out of commission on lifting all summer) I can't wait unti Chloe heals up so we can toss her in the water and hopefully have her play with us.  My little Frenchie is so dense he would sink (has his own life jacket) but he hates the heat so he prefers the house a/c.
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  1. What a nice exchange you received ... & your Shepherd's Bush piece is looking great!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Shielee