Thursday, October 27, 2011

bad blogger

OK, so i'm not a great blogger but I figure I'll keep it going to see my progress and it keeps all my links I favor in order. So my project this week was to organize my floss, which I have accomplished and feel good that it is so nice and tidy and easy to find exactly what I need.
I've also made some finishes that I finally took pictures of. I'm also continuing my spreadsheet of my cross stitch leaflets, I'm at nearly 500 and there is more to do :)
Lastly, I'm excited I got my LK Christmas exchange partner name today and am ready to find the perfect Christmas pattern to make for her.
Fall is here, spent the week raking leaves and now healing blisters, but it was lovely weather to rake. Love the fall, miss my hummingbirds but I'll see them in the spring.
With that, time to go get my son from football and finish dinner.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday summary

Hello Friends,

Haven't done much stitching this week, I was working on a Blackbirds pin cushion with a crazy boarder and when I was ripping out due to my count error, i somehow ripped the linen so I threw it out, sigh. So I started on my gift for the LK Christmas exchange.
I have continued to work on my spreadsheet of all my patterns, up to 400 and still going strong, lol. I dread to think of the amount of money I have spent over the past 30 years on this!
I also continue to organize my floss, I read someone's suggestion to use plastic shoe boxes and snack baggies with index cards and it is working out beautiful, I just finished the 900's yesterday. Need to go back to the Container store to buy a few more. ;) 10 wasn't enough. Lol.
I stopped at Keepsakes on Friday and grabbed a few linen scraps. She has a basket of different linens etc and sells the pieces really cheap, they are perfect for ornaments and small project. The only downside is I don't always know the details of the material that I buy, but it still makes me happy.
It's been a beautiful fall weekend. The kids and I went and raked the yard yesterday, they weren't happy about it but the yard looks good and it was to nice of a day to stay inside.
DH and I went to Cheesecake factory last night for dinner, it was soo good. It was nice to get out with him for awhile.
I believe today we are headed to Dayton to visit with his parents so i don't think I'll get much stitching done, but I can always take it with me. :)
Have a great day!

Monday, October 17, 2011


So I've gone organization crazy, creating a spreadsheet of all the designs that I have. Just like everything tidy, life is easier. Next I need to work on my floss situation, what I have works, but not efficient. So, some places were suggested for minimal cost for maximum storage ie, IKEA and there is one right up the road, so I hear road trip.
Heading up to visit my sick father this weekend, he has gone through some surgery's this month and has more to go, has not been healthy since 2004, but he's still here and trying to make the most. Also can't wait to spend time with mom, my kids don't really want to go, but they just don't get it, someday they will...
Have a great fall evening, just keep stitching...

Friday, October 14, 2011

catching up

Wow, it's been a week since my last post. Ashley has been doing well with her recovery, feeling better, doing homework and returning to school on Monday. For now, I've enjoyed this time with her.
I've done some small projects, tried to attach photos but my computer keeps freezing every time I try to upload them, so for now, text.
The SB stocking is 85 % done, I need the last skein I was short on then to just attach the embellishments. So it's now waiting for completion.
I did a little quickie "Music" by Hinzeit, last night I finished Happy Mom by Triology and started a pinkeep by Blackbird Designs.
Yesterday I spent the day online playing with blogs and patterns available.
Hoping everyone's fall is going great.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunny Day

Ashley's surgery went fantastic yesterday, in and out before I could do more than 20 stitches! I did finish the piece today, called Winter and it is a lil quickie by Trail Creek Farm that I picked up at Keepsakes last week. Love it, ran to JoAnn's today for some matching ribbon but they are calling for fantastic weather all week so I don't see myself finishing it anytime soon, can't bring myself to go down in the basement when the sun is out and I can open my windows for some fresh fall air!
I will continue to work on the SB stocking that I've been contracted to do. The colors are beautiful but who doesn't love SB?

Pictures to follow soon

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.


Monday, October 3, 2011


Well, tomorrow my 14 yo daughter has her "kissing" tonsils taken out, they are so big they touch each other when she says awwww. This has been a long time coming, she sleeps poorly and is always tired...typical teenager, after our move to Cincinnati we finally made some progress, sleep study was ordered and the poor thing wakes up 16 times an hour! So tomorrow is the day to her new beginning, after what I hope is a speedy recovery she will finally get some restful sleep.

Anyways...I have nervous energy about the surgery even though it is routine, she is still my baby. I have packed three different projects to work on as I doubt I will sit still long enough. :)

My progress on the stocking is going along well, we had to order another skein of floss as they didn't provide enough ( this is a contracted stitching piece) but all is well and I hope to finish it by weeks end while i wait for that last skein. Then I can fully concentrate on my pieces.

It is a beautiful fall day and I believe that I will spend some time outside clearing my head, perhaps mow the lawn...

Enjoy the day


Saturday, October 1, 2011

more finishes

Picked up to pieces that were getting framed and finished Morning Star by Blackbird designs.

Feels so great to see things finished to the end!

It's a chilly day today 45degrees outside, and gray. Another awesome day to stitch.

My 14 year old daughter is getting her tonsils out Tues, so I need to go pack a few things to work on while she is in surgery. What to do, what to do, so many to choose from. I feel like a stitching addict ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Christmas Stocking

This is a stocking from SB , the colors are beautiful, the pictures do it no justice. Hope to finish it this week.