Saturday, December 13, 2014

where have I been? I've lost my mind, lol

Hello everyone...

Just stopping by to say hello, I still check in to see what everyone has been up to but my comments have become less and less and my posts here have become non existent.  So much going on.

Little stitching has been done, here and there, lots of WIPS.  I have Penny Pumpkin nearly done and I finished Season's Greetings, LHN new ornament.  I have lots of projects kitted up but no time to do it.  I just saw what Denise posted at Riverside Stitching, I agree with her post and find myself with little time to do anything.  I love my work with the wee little one in my job.  I'm telling you, getting a hug from the little buggers some days brings me to tears, our workplace motto is Making THE Difference, we are Early Head Start Educators and we do make the difference.  I am a Social Worker, Home Visitor, Educator, Mentor, Therapist, you name it, whatever helps families get out of poverty. The best part is the children.  I think I could rant for pages and still not convey my feelings that I have working for these families.  We have been doing some community outings this month, that has been fun to see the kids with Santa, but we also went to the Festival of Lights at the Zoo, the oohhhs and wows and squeals of delight were fantastic....then I got the flu, so I have been home for the past 5 days, trying to rest and get well, and I'm having no luck, can't even eat toast :(   I wanted a few days off to bake cookies, finish ornaments, Christmas shop....all i've done is stay in the house and be a lump on the couch :(   So here I am telling myself, sit down and write a post.

OK, so where has the time gone....I've started to Volunteer for Kindred Hearts Pet Transport, I love it!!! I've been doing this for a few short months but I am hooked.  I pick up legs around my local area to help dogs get to non kill shelters or to forever homes.  It is so rewarding.  The dogs are so sweet.  I'm having a hard time not keeping them for myself!

My Frenchie has an inoperable tumor on his heart...:(  that took some time getting over the news, he's here, doesn't know he is sick yet, so when he does start to show stress, I'll have some decisions to make.

My son left home, that was a hard week too, he decided it was time to try living with his dad in Pittsburgh, I miss him but we were butting heads so I hope this is a good time for him to pull his head out of his 18 year old behind and figure some things out.  Seems like this is a popular theme amongst my friends with sons this age, lol. The week he was packing was hard but now he is gone and I'm OK, I'm still amazed, I didn't think I could handle it, but it's been a month and I'm doing well.   Actually thinking this may just be a good thing, but when I think of him, I see my lil premie.  Oh Motherhood.

Ashley is doing awesome, she is spending her high school senior year as a freshman at University of Cincinnati, will have a whole year out of the way and paid for before she even really begins.  She loves UC and plans on continuing there.  How can 2 kids be polar opposites?

Oh DH, quit his job last month, ugh, hostile work environment.  Lots of things getting worked on around the house, lol.  He's been interviewing but we figure nothing will happen until the new year.  I've threatened to pimp him out soon.  Lol.

I know these are random thoughts as I try to catch up here.   Yesterday they announced a winner for a local choral competition, and for the 3rd year in a row, Covington Catholic  High School Mens Chamber Choir won.  They deserve every bit of recognition.  Please enjoy their rendition of Hark the Harold Angels sing.  It brings tears to my eyes.  These boys are so gifted.

No pictures, nothing ready to show....just stopping by to wave hello and that I wish everyone  a Merry Christmas and safe travels.  Thinking of you all!