Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas dear friends,

I won't even bother with why it has taken me so long for another post....all I can say is Life, as I read all my favorite blogs, it appears that everyone has had life issues this year.  Here is hoping to a better 2016. 

I am currently working on Kathy Barrick's Heaven and Nature Sing design, I am completely in love with it.  I am currently in a SAL on facebook, she stopped by and commented on my post and truly made my day.  It was thrilling to have a designer take the time to make a comment.  I couldn't stop smiling.   Here is my current progress...

I also read a post this morning from Sew Many Ways about last minute inexpensive gifts...Here is my take on her swiss roll towels...

each swill roll came in under $3.25, the kitchen towels were a set at Wal Mart for $1.60 and the ornaments were $ 1.48 each, a few cents for ribbon.  If you want to see her tutorial  click here.  Thank you Karen for a wonderful idea, now I can give my sister in laws something when I hadn't had the money to really by them anything wonderful, since they appreciate crafting....this was a great idea. 

Just wanted to say hoping everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday. 


Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm back :)

Dad has been gone 6 months today, I still can't believe it.  My life has completely been overtaken by events surrounding his death, but aside from wishing he was still with us, I wouldn't change anything.
Moving back to Erie has allowed me to spend time with my mom, connect with high school classmates, pick up my stitching and crocheting again, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that Northwestern PA is so famous for, leaves with burst of colors, long winding country roads and watching all the farms do their annual fall harvesting.

So we are somewhat settled in our new little ranch house, it sure is nice being on one floor!(next major project is to create an upstairs laundry room)  I love having a pool, we kept it open all of Sept.  (the gas company loves their new customers too)  it was lovely having a heater and swimming every night.  Best sleep I have had in forever, evening swim and then right to bed.

My childhood home was sold, along with 44 acres of Concord grapes, we just had our final harvest last week, I will surly miss that.  Mom is now in her new little home just 2 miles down the road from the farm.  We are still trying to get her to adjust, she is having her good days and bad days as are to be expected after her and dad were married just short of 62 years.  I am glad we are short drive away from here.  She remains stubborn, had to buy this house, and now she regrets the purchase wishing she would have moved in with us as first planned, ugh!  Had to buy a mini van, now it's too big for her, ugh!  Growing pains, lol.  I can only laugh, at least she is keeping us busy.  She now understands that no major changes should occur in the first year.  She know she is surrounded by love from my brothers and I and we will do what it takes to keep her happy as best we can. Dad will never come back but we can keep our promise to him - taking care of mom, everything is for mom.  

You would think I could behave and be happy with all my stash that I have accumulated over the past 30 years, but nooooo, I still jump online and buy more patterns....damn you designers, damn you, I have no will when it comes to all the lovely patterns and floss and fabrics.....when I die, just roll me in a bolt of linen, make me like a mummy with all of my overdyes!  When the mail comes I have to hurry and thow packages in my car so hubby doesn't see them, and then when I open them, I have to peel the price lables off so he doesn't see that when they show up in my bag (oh that?   I bought that a few months was on sale....)  sound familiar?  I have even ordered patterns from Canada now, Traditional Stitches was the only place I could find "Merry One" from Plum Street Samplers when the store I ordered it from originally was sold out and I called a few of my other online stores.  Yes, I have an addiction....

I don't have any pictures to show at the moment, I will have to do that from my other for finishes, I don't think I have any, lots of wips though.  I picked up Cinnamon Stars that I started 2 or 3 years ago when the chart came out?  I have been trying to concentrate on that before I start something new.  I surly have 20 wips in various levels of completion.  Am I the only one living in this chaos?

I have been job searching, not too much to choose from without my masters degree.  I am however qualified to be a substitute teacher, so I working on that at the moment, just waiting for my orientation next week and the last of my background checks to come back and the physical I need to schedule...then I can pick and choose assignments,  the flexibility will be nice, I will be still be able to help mother out and get some stitching in.

I hope everyone is blessed and enjoying this fall weather. 
Happy Halloween! 
Be blessed!
Hugs and stitches

Friday, June 12, 2015

I sound like a broken record

Hello dear blogging friends,

I know I know, i promised to be a better blogger and yet life keeps interfering with my life, at least in blogging terms.  So much has happened over the past few months, it all still feels surreal.

DH got a job at First Energy with Penelec in Erie Pa (where I grew up)  since my parents are in need of some farming assistance and DH was in need of a job, we took in and started the plans to transition out of Cincinnati.  Well, the house sold quickly (5 weeks on the market), not as quickly as Shirley's luck but quick enough for us.  I stayed in Cincy to continue to work while DH lived with my parents. Well, as we suspected, my fathers illness was cancer again, it's been several varieties over the past 10 years, so I decided to take FMLA to help out at home while my job was protected since the house was  n't sold yet.  I started this on April 17th, laughed and cried with my dad and held his hand until the end on April 30th.  We had no idea when we went to the cancer center that he would be gone in a week.  It was that quick.  I was so blessed to have the time with him and though its been 5 weeks, I miss him so much.

Anyways, the funeral was the first week of May , Ashley had prom May 2 and we closed on the house May 15th, somewhere during all this time I packed out house out and drove back and forth to my parents trying to help mother.  On May 29th Ashley graduated from High School and phew, have I confused anyone yet?  We are under contract for a nice home 10 miles from my mom, she changes her mind daily about where she wants to live so we are just moving along and letting her have some time to absorb being alone and learning to live on a budget.  Am I forgiven for being a bad blogger?

Now I have had some time to start sticking again and finding some enjoyed it again, sometimes even talking to dad while i put a stitch in here and there, remember good and bad times, and what a wonderful life he gave me.

Well, my current stitch is Summer at Cherry Hill from With Thy Needle and Thread, it's coming along very nice and am enjoying it.

I also received a wonderful gift from my friend while I live in limbo to keep my busy, Stacy Nash Wool and Flax Pocket Roll, needles, scissors, threads, linens, pincushion, project keeper and a project folder.  She is too kind to me and I thank you so much Ann Marie, I miss my stitching partner, thank goodness we are only 5 hours apart from each other.

I also received in the mail this week so patterns that made me giggle with delight,  Plum Street's Winsome Pair, LHN, Blessed is the Life, My Lady-Liberty and The Scarlett House -Strawberry House.  Now I just waiting for WTNT Grande Olde Flag to arrive, I ordered it on Monday and I am sure I will squeal with delight.

Oh yes, my birthday was this week, "47" ugh!  DH spoiled me again with another Pandora bracelet and I love the beads he picked out for me.  It was nice to have a gift after so many months of him being out of work and us scrimping by.

We are adjusting living in a new city again, I'm struggling not having my baby girl with me, she is staying in Cincinnati to continue her education with University of Cincinnati.  There have been so many changes including now being an empty nester, life goes on :)

Hoping everyone is enjoying the approaching summer.  Life, laughter, picnics, time with friends and family.

Be blessed,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

waving hello- long overdue

Hello my friends, it's been quite a roller coaster ride these past few months.  I have many changes in my life, some good, some sad, making the most of it.  I want to apologize for being away so long, my intentions are to sit and write a post, and then life keeps happening.

Back in September, my French Bulldog was diagnosed with a heart tumor, I was told it is what it is, to love him and take him home(this was from the cardiologist he saw, Chemo and a surgery to remove the sac around his heart will just help short term, so I was a mess over this, my baby boy, (7 1/2 years old is dying)  The good news is that the practice he sees for his check ups practices herbology  and I took him in as another tumor developed on his paw, to make a long story short, he is now on herbal chemotherapy and it is cheap!!!!, his tumor on his paw was gone in 3 weeks and we are hopeful that his heart tumor has shrunk, he's acting like he always has and i'm keeping my fingers crossed he is doing good and I can have another year with him.

In November my husband quit his job after months of harassment and just stuff going on that wasn't nice, so he quit, more on that journey to come.
Also in November my son decided to go to Pittsburgh to live with his dad, I was so sad and upset, hardest thing I had to do was say goodbye, but it was best for all of us.  He is happier, I'm doing better with the stress gone.  He wasn't happy, his grades were suffering, all I want is for him to graduate high school this year.

January, well still no job for hubby and my 3 year old Golden has started to have seizures, and now they are getting frequent and more violent, so she goes back to the vet tomorrow, we were able to record them and have been keeping a record as instructed....
- hubby also had an interview in Erie Pa (where I am from) with Penelec.....more interviews around Cincinnati and none have called him back ....he accepted the Penelec offer 2 weeks ago.....we are now moving to Erie this summer, hubby starts in a little less in 2 weeks.

Now we are trying to prep this house for the market, and look for a house in Erie, also find out that my dad has cancer again, this time in his lungs and is rapidly I know why God is taking us to Erie and this is the only job offer...everything happens for a reason.  I will be home to help my parents, and closer to Pittsburgh so I can visit my son.

Sigh, no what to do with a 17 year old girl who wants to stay here for College. She's already been accepted, already spending her senior year at his college, the problem is they don't have dorms on this campus, so we are trying to figure out what to do with her, but I know it will all work out.

In the mean mom taught me how to knit while we visited her over the holiday so now I can't stop knitting, mostly ripping but knitting to :)

I have manged to do some cross stitch, I did Hooked on Exchanging year of the sheep which is happening currently.  Hopefully I can post a picture of what I did by next week.  I am very pleased and want to make one for myself now.

Things are good, things are bad, everything happens for a reason and I know God will get me through this.

Waving to you all  and hoping I can reconnect more over the next few months.

Hugs Dawn