Monday, April 29, 2013

Five O'clock shadow

Well what an amusing dilemma I have....I used a second skein of the same DMC color (822) and as you can see, the dye lots are different leaving my Spring Jack with a Five o'clock shadow lol.  I am not going to rip it out, I noticed it too late and now find it rather amusing.  As you can see I've made tremendous progress over the past day.
It's another gray dreary day here despite the forecast of it clearing and being pleasant, but the day isn't over yet so I haven't lost hope.

Here is baby Chloe, I got her attention as she stares out the window looking at one of many critters that she dreams of catching

I hope everyone has a pleasant day...
Hugs and stitches

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New start progress, exchange and hummingbirds

Good morning everyone!

I've been so happy stitching this new piece, Spring  Jack by Plum Street Samplers.  I am doing it on sky blue linen and I think it is so pretty.  DH has been out of town golfing with Navy buddies for 4 days and I've been in stitching heaven for...yep...4 days!  He will be home late tonight, so aside from running Ashley to a soccer game, I'll be stitching the day away :)

Yesterday my Spring Exchange arrived, I participate in Seasonal  Exchanges and I received this lovely Bent Creek pillow by Laura, she put some extra details on it, a few teeny tiny buttons and a couple of ribbon roses.

Last week I received an email from our local bird feed store, the hummingbirds are back in the area, put your feeders out, so I ran and did that immediately and yep, I've already had 3!  I have this one mail his colors are so dark they almost look like black.  I tried to snap some photos of him but he was a little skeptical of me.  In the summer they are less spooked and let me take better are a few pictures from these past few summers of living in Ohio...OH, and I love this Plaited woodpecker that comes to visit every once and awhile.  I have been so blessed with being able to capture these photos.  Of course it requires me to stand still with my camera glued to my face but not for long.  The first summer I lived here we had 5 hummers, last year only 3, I hope more visit this summer...

 Lets see, oh yes, last night I was doing my blog reading on our desk top computer and it snapped, cracked and popped and scared the bejeebers out of me.  I pulled out every cord attached to it and had to interrupt the hubby and tell him it's fried.  At least he laughed and said he will just build another one tomorrow.  Phew...

I think that is it for now....time to go do some stitching.  Stay blessed
Hugs and stitches

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Come Dance With Me- Needleworker finished

Good morning everyone,

We woke up to a frosty morning, brrrr, had to run out last night and cover up our veggie plants we just planted this week.  I was wearing shorts on Tues, where did this frosty weather come from?  Perhaps I was just too excited daydreaming about fresh tomatoes and could have waited a wee bit longer before I prepared the garden.

Anyways...not here to talk about the weather, lets do some dancing!  I was very excited to finish up LHN's Needleworker yesterday.   It's so pretty, I can't wait to see what it looks like framed.

This was a rather quick finish, I really enjoyed working on this piece.  I've already jumped into Spring Jack and this morning, have already done ripping out, dang I can't believe I made a mistake so quickly into it.  But I will work on it some more today.

Baby Chloe had her year old check up today, little girl weigh in at 68.6 pounds.  She was such a big baby and jumped up on the bench and tried to hide behind me when the thermometer came out.  I hope she is done growing, I spent $80.00 dollars on food for the both of them, ugh, that's starting to dig into my stitching funds, she better mind her manners if she likes this home :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, time to go kick Duncan out of my stitchy chair...he loves to sit in it and get the nice day's do I.

Hugs and stitches

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exchange Rack received

Good morning friends!

Yesterday I was surprised by an unexpected RAK, I participated in a Turkey Pin keep exchange for
Thanksgiving, unfortunately, who ever had me choose not to follow through so I didn't receive one, I just chalked it up as a loss.  Well, the exchange had an Angel Stitcher to send me one and she went above and beyond and included some extra goodies... linen, scissors, buttons, pins, tassels and the pin keep.  Bok Bok by Plum Street.  Maire from Creative Thread.

I also received a package that had some patterns I ordered last week from The Strawberry Sampler, they  had a 25% off pajama party sale, so I took advantage of it and bought Spring Jack by Plum STreet Samplers and Sheep by Shepherds Bush.

I had a productive evening working on Needleworker while my daughter was at soccer practice, maybe I'll finish it this week??  Here is hopping, I have patterns in my sewing basket calling my name!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful day

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Monday

Good afternoon to everyone!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I spent much of my time weeding/mulching the yard or on a soccer field.  Sadly the kids lost their games but my yard looks great !  Right now the windows are open, the birds are chirping, I hear mowers going in the neighborhood, I am hoping that spring is truly in the air despite some very cold nights.

I have managed to make some progress on Needleworker by LHN and start Dream Big by CCN.

Well, that's all folks, hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Be blessed

Monday, April 15, 2013

I've been Rak'd

Good afternoon friends,
Is everyone enjoying spring weather, I hope so, I love these 65-75 degree temps, makes for good sleeping.

I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon, mr. mailman brought me a RAK from my dear friend Denise at Riverside Stitching...there is a funny twist to this story, jokes on me, see, she made this lovely pincushion with her new threads from Victorian Motto sampler and even stitched a D on the back, for Denise, right?  Sneaky gal that she is sent it to me and the D was for Dawn.  Also included are some beautiful pins.  I've just been sitting here enjoying it.  Who doesn't love a homemade surprise?

It's the prettiest, simplest, pincushion, stuffed with walnut shells i think?  pretty heavy.  It's just lovely and I thank you dear friend for thinking of me!

I wish I had stitching updates to share but I spent the entire weekend with family and at a soccer tournament (U-19 boys) the kids came in second place, Yay!  Lucky me, my son is keeper, always sitting on pins and needles hoping he doesn't get hurt.  So far so good, but he has gotten plowed over a few times by nasty players.

This was an unusual tournament as all the teams in our bracket tied, no one advanced, we had to do round robin penalty kicks to see who advanced, and we did :0

Ohh, I did manage to put in an online order for a pajama party sale, just two patterns, I wasn't too bad was I?

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful evening.


Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers bring may flowers

Good morning dear friends,

Mid week brought us lots of sun, open windows and a beautiful breeze, then the rain came, over night my grass turned shamrock green, grew, well lets say it is now overgrown, and the flowers popped out of the soil, I have tulips wanting to open, hyacinths open up, roses are getting leaves, birds are singing and spring might be here.

I did a quick little stitch last night.  It was a freebie pattern if you bought the button, not sure how I want  to finish it.  Maybe I'll make a run to hobby lobby and see if I can find anything that catches my eye, otherwise, perhaps a cheerful ornament to hang on my kitchen window.

Flower Power
Shepherds Bush
20 ct miscellaneous statsh
dmc threads

This weekend will be spent at a soccer tournament, not sure I will get much stitching done, but it will go with me.  Need to take advantage of the time in between games.  

I hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mercy Mercy Happy Dance

Good afternoon dear friends,

I know it's been a few more days gone since I've wanted to post, my excuse is that each day I thought I would have Mercy Mercy done, ran out of a color and also did some ripping out, ran out yesterday to LNS and got the thread, finished it today and am so happy I have another finish for the year.  I really love this piece.  The pictures do the colors no justice.  The linen has more hues of green in it.

Mercy Mercy
La D Da
35 Ct Celery from R & R (called for confederate gray by WDW)
changed WDW from Granite (too lite) to GAST Tin Bucket

I've already started LHN Needleworker....from this years market, I have been dying to jump into that for awhile too.  It was a toss up between that and Crumpets and Tea....of course I need to continue to work on Baby it's cold outside.

Oh the sun is shining today, the wind is blowing and the mail just came....YEH, my Hooked on Exchanges Spring exchange arrived, all the way from the Netherlands, I'm so excited, Mylene did the most beautiful job on this mattress finish, I've never done one of these (yet), ther work is beautiful.  I love this pattern, I bought it yesterday, lol, only a dollar, it's S is for Spring by Prairie Schooler.  I saw this on Carols blog and since I didn't win her giveaway, I grabbed it to do for myself, see  God new that Mylene had sent this to me and I didn't need 2!

S is for Spring
The prairie Schooler

Just a few pictures of the pups this week, Duncan doing his normal poses.  What a attention hog.  I was doing yardwork and Chole got scared of the noise from the rake on the concrete and ran to one of her hiding places...

Hope everyone has a great week!  Now, back to stitching.

Be blessed