Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mercy Mercy Happy Dance

Good afternoon dear friends,

I know it's been a few more days gone since I've wanted to post, my excuse is that each day I thought I would have Mercy Mercy done, ran out of a color and also did some ripping out, ran out yesterday to LNS and got the thread, finished it today and am so happy I have another finish for the year.  I really love this piece.  The pictures do the colors no justice.  The linen has more hues of green in it.

Mercy Mercy
La D Da
35 Ct Celery from R & R (called for confederate gray by WDW)
changed WDW from Granite (too lite) to GAST Tin Bucket

I've already started LHN Needleworker....from this years market, I have been dying to jump into that for awhile too.  It was a toss up between that and Crumpets and Tea....of course I need to continue to work on Baby it's cold outside.

Oh the sun is shining today, the wind is blowing and the mail just came....YEH, my Hooked on Exchanges Spring exchange arrived, all the way from the Netherlands, I'm so excited, Mylene did the most beautiful job on this mattress finish, I've never done one of these (yet), ther work is beautiful.  I love this pattern, I bought it yesterday, lol, only a dollar, it's S is for Spring by Prairie Schooler.  I saw this on Carols blog and since I didn't win her giveaway, I grabbed it to do for myself, see  God new that Mylene had sent this to me and I didn't need 2!

S is for Spring
The prairie Schooler

Just a few pictures of the pups this week, Duncan doing his normal poses.  What a attention hog.  I was doing yardwork and Chole got scared of the noise from the rake on the concrete and ran to one of her hiding places...

Hope everyone has a great week!  Now, back to stitching.

Be blessed


  1. Aaawww....sweet pups! I wish you were closer and the pups could play and we could stitch!!
    The piece you received is beautiful!! I love that finish ~ will have to add that to my list of finishes to try.
    And your finish ~ I love it!!! I need to stitch that!!

  2. Mercy, Mercy looks beautiful,Dawn!!! I love the Celery linen that you substituted. Your pups are darling!!!

  3. Yayyy I am dancing with you too..such a cute finish..well done dear..
    Such a sweet pup..kisses xxxxxx
    And your gift is so sweet too..
    Big hugs x

  4. Mercy is looking great. And what a sweet exchange piece :) I love your sweet furbabies CUTIES!!!!

  5. Dawn, what a beautiful finish. Congrats! Love your exchange piece.