Sunday, April 28, 2013

New start progress, exchange and hummingbirds

Good morning everyone!

I've been so happy stitching this new piece, Spring  Jack by Plum Street Samplers.  I am doing it on sky blue linen and I think it is so pretty.  DH has been out of town golfing with Navy buddies for 4 days and I've been in stitching heaven for...yep...4 days!  He will be home late tonight, so aside from running Ashley to a soccer game, I'll be stitching the day away :)

Yesterday my Spring Exchange arrived, I participate in Seasonal  Exchanges and I received this lovely Bent Creek pillow by Laura, she put some extra details on it, a few teeny tiny buttons and a couple of ribbon roses.

Last week I received an email from our local bird feed store, the hummingbirds are back in the area, put your feeders out, so I ran and did that immediately and yep, I've already had 3!  I have this one mail his colors are so dark they almost look like black.  I tried to snap some photos of him but he was a little skeptical of me.  In the summer they are less spooked and let me take better are a few pictures from these past few summers of living in Ohio...OH, and I love this Plaited woodpecker that comes to visit every once and awhile.  I have been so blessed with being able to capture these photos.  Of course it requires me to stand still with my camera glued to my face but not for long.  The first summer I lived here we had 5 hummers, last year only 3, I hope more visit this summer...

 Lets see, oh yes, last night I was doing my blog reading on our desk top computer and it snapped, cracked and popped and scared the bejeebers out of me.  I pulled out every cord attached to it and had to interrupt the hubby and tell him it's fried.  At least he laughed and said he will just build another one tomorrow.  Phew...

I think that is it for now....time to go do some stitching.  Stay blessed
Hugs and stitches


  1. He'll just go build another one? He's a techie man? Lucky you!

    Going to look up Spring Jack - it's cute. Have fun stitching today.

  2. awwww sweet stitching..looking lovely...
    super sweet birds..
    lots of love for you x

  3. Spring Jack is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing your photos of the hummingbird and woodpecker. They are beautiful.

  4. Boy am I behind on my reading! I already know how Jack turned out ~ looking forward to seeing the flowers that go along with him!
    Love the sweet exchange piece and wow ~ love the pictures of the hummers!!