Friday, June 12, 2015

I sound like a broken record

Hello dear blogging friends,

I know I know, i promised to be a better blogger and yet life keeps interfering with my life, at least in blogging terms.  So much has happened over the past few months, it all still feels surreal.

DH got a job at First Energy with Penelec in Erie Pa (where I grew up)  since my parents are in need of some farming assistance and DH was in need of a job, we took in and started the plans to transition out of Cincinnati.  Well, the house sold quickly (5 weeks on the market), not as quickly as Shirley's luck but quick enough for us.  I stayed in Cincy to continue to work while DH lived with my parents. Well, as we suspected, my fathers illness was cancer again, it's been several varieties over the past 10 years, so I decided to take FMLA to help out at home while my job was protected since the house was  n't sold yet.  I started this on April 17th, laughed and cried with my dad and held his hand until the end on April 30th.  We had no idea when we went to the cancer center that he would be gone in a week.  It was that quick.  I was so blessed to have the time with him and though its been 5 weeks, I miss him so much.

Anyways, the funeral was the first week of May , Ashley had prom May 2 and we closed on the house May 15th, somewhere during all this time I packed out house out and drove back and forth to my parents trying to help mother.  On May 29th Ashley graduated from High School and phew, have I confused anyone yet?  We are under contract for a nice home 10 miles from my mom, she changes her mind daily about where she wants to live so we are just moving along and letting her have some time to absorb being alone and learning to live on a budget.  Am I forgiven for being a bad blogger?

Now I have had some time to start sticking again and finding some enjoyed it again, sometimes even talking to dad while i put a stitch in here and there, remember good and bad times, and what a wonderful life he gave me.

Well, my current stitch is Summer at Cherry Hill from With Thy Needle and Thread, it's coming along very nice and am enjoying it.

I also received a wonderful gift from my friend while I live in limbo to keep my busy, Stacy Nash Wool and Flax Pocket Roll, needles, scissors, threads, linens, pincushion, project keeper and a project folder.  She is too kind to me and I thank you so much Ann Marie, I miss my stitching partner, thank goodness we are only 5 hours apart from each other.

I also received in the mail this week so patterns that made me giggle with delight,  Plum Street's Winsome Pair, LHN, Blessed is the Life, My Lady-Liberty and The Scarlett House -Strawberry House.  Now I just waiting for WTNT Grande Olde Flag to arrive, I ordered it on Monday and I am sure I will squeal with delight.

Oh yes, my birthday was this week, "47" ugh!  DH spoiled me again with another Pandora bracelet and I love the beads he picked out for me.  It was nice to have a gift after so many months of him being out of work and us scrimping by.

We are adjusting living in a new city again, I'm struggling not having my baby girl with me, she is staying in Cincinnati to continue her education with University of Cincinnati.  There have been so many changes including now being an empty nester, life goes on :)

Hoping everyone is enjoying the approaching summer.  Life, laughter, picnics, time with friends and family.

Be blessed,