Saturday, December 14, 2013

A gift and exchange received-

I am blessed and always amazed at this cross stitch blogging community.  These past few years have been wonderful with the exchanges I've participated in and the friends that I have made.

On Thursday I came home to this wonderful gift from dear friend Shirlee, out of the blue and poof, this little treasure for me.  Since this is my first week back to work, and wondering to myself what have I gotten myself into, this gift arrived and brightened my day.  It's only been a week on the job but not being able to stitch at will has definitely put a damper on me.  I have been waking up extra early to give myself an hour of stitching to try and finish some pieces I am working on.  Thank you dear Shirlee for putting some sunshine into my day.

I am also participating in Vonna's LHN blog,   I received this beautiful finished ornament from Nicole, it's the new one that Diane released, Seven Pines.  It's too cute.  I haven't had the time to stitch ornaments for myself this year so it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Nicole also included some metallic trims and a Mill Hill beaded Christmas kit. 

I survived my first week of being back in the work force, I had my ups and downs and information overload.  I have adjusted to a slower and leisure life style, lol.  I will have to adjust to deadlines again.  I enjoy my co workers and the non profit agency that I work for.  I've met some of the families we provide services for and have been brought back to why I love being a social worker so much, it isn't for the money!  Anyways, I've switched gears and work with early Headstart families, birth to 3, and I'm in love with the kiddos, already wanted to sneak one in my bag and bring him home with me.  Seeing the kids and how their faces light up makes it all worth while.   Soo, I'm exhausted, not Christmas shopping done, barely any cookies made, but, as always, I am a work in progress and will adjust :)

I hope everyone has a pleasant week with lots of stitchy time.  I hope to fine some minutes to finish off WTNT Jingle Bells.  Hopefully I will get to share my finish with you soon.

Hugs and stitches

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Happy December,
We have been in a heat wave (62 degrees) here in south western Ohio, but the snow is on it's way, it went from 1-2", to 2-4" and now it's 3-6" inches coming tomorrow.  Kids are thinking they won't have school, wait until they find out it won't be here until the afternoon :) 
Lets see, I have got some stitching in here and there but it's all been for exchanges so I can't share them yet, but I'm getting better with my finishing thanks to Vonna and her awesome tutorials.  
We'll folks, I'm returning back to work, officially on Monday!  I'm going to be working with pre-Headstart families, birth to 3 years old!  Ohh I love me some babies so I am very excited at this new juncture.  The kids will both be driving (Ashley takes her driving  test this Sat -pending weather) so I will no longer be driving her back and forth to school, work and soccer :)  I'm excited for her and sad at the same time, my baby will be even more independent and I love seeing the kids growing into the young adults they are becoming but I want my babies back to. 
OK, back to working, I've already got a bag of stitch stuff to keep in the car when there is time.  I will make time, lol.  Or stitch before work, I will figure something out. Hopefully this will also put me and hubby back on the right track some and help with the bills, etc.  I'm sure my fur babies won't be happy since they've had me all to themselves for awhile now.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, 18 family members were here.  Lots of food and laughter, so wonderful to visit with everyone.  I am thankful for my husbands family, they are such a loud fun bunch to be around, you can't help but smile when they are near.  I am also looking forward to Christmas so I can visit with my mom and dad who I haven 't seen since earlier this year.
I think that is about it for now.  Everyone stay safe and warm in this crazy weather.

Hugs and Stitches.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Wanting to wish friends near and far a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  I so much appreciate your emails and comments of support these past few difficult months.  Have safe travels and may angels watch over you and your families.

Hugs and stitches

Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome November

Happy Monday dear friends, old and new.

Waving hello as the leaves are falling quickly and the days are now short.  It's been a busy few weeks.  I've been stitching a lot of things, but haven't really finished much.
I have joined a few exchanges for the Christmas holidays so I can't share any photos of those projects but I did finish Dame of the Needle by WTNT, it was a quick stitch, I saw it on Faye's website, Carolina Stitcher and wow, the colors are even more beautiful in person! I used the required threads and it's stitched on 35ct. Putty linen,  Now I will be contacting her about finishing it off.  I just don't have the confidence in sewing this up.
Here she is...

Trick or treating was postponed and moved to Friday night as we had really stormy weather, Friday night was perfect, chilly but the winds were calm and the rain clouds passed, my baby nephew came down for a visit and he was sporting a Bat Man
costume, he is just adorable, I again just held him as long as I could before I had to share him :)  It was my brother in laws birthday and he is such a good daddy.

Ashley went to work as Snow White, just loved how cute she was...
Would you believe that my son was in another car accident, 2 in 6 weeks.  Thankfully no injuries, but the car isn't feeling to good.  Waiting to find out if it can be repaired.  Again, this accident was not his fault.  Makes me question what people are taught about driving courtesy and plain common senses!  Who makes a right turn in the middle of the intersection when you are in the inside lane and there is a car right next to you?   I think I will purchase my son a St. Christopher statue to mount on his hood!
Where have I been?  Oh, we've in the basement finishing it off, hanging dry wall, mudding, sanding, painting, plumbing, it's starting to really come together now.  Hoping to have the bathroom completed and at least all the drywall up in the main living area for my step daughter and her fiancé' when they are here for thanksgiving.
Thank you so much for stopping by! 
Hugs and stitches

Friday, October 18, 2013

Exchange Received

Look at this is Boo Bunny from the 2010  JCS Halloween issue.  I was the lucky recipient of Linda O's  ornie in the Seasonal Exchange we participated in.
Thank you so much, it is perfect.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are off to haunted house this evening, woo hoo.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exchange Received and a Finish

Happy Saturday to you.  Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful fall weather we have enjoyed over the past few days.

Last night I received the cutest LK ornie from Hooked On Exchanging, Halloween exchange.  Melissa sent me this cutie.  Thank you Melissa!

I also finished a November Tea Cup from Just Another Button Co.  That I've had waiting for my attention for 2/3 years ish.  I can't believe I waited so long, it truly was a quick finish.  I did leave a small part of the pattern off that wasn't calling to me.  Not sure what I will do with it, perhaps frame it for my kitchen. 

I started Dame of the Needle by WTNT, my eyes aren't enjoying the 35 ct  linen, so I also started Sunflower Inn by LHN.  Ohhh this past month I've enjoyed some knew patterns in the mail.  My backordered WTNT Paper Snowflakes and Noel Sampler arrived, yay!  I bought the linen for the Paper Snowflakes and hope to start that when I finish the other 2 WIPS.  I have kind of lost momentum on the LHN Mystery Sampler at the moment but I'm not giving up on it yet.
Last night we drove up to visit our new nephew, baby Maxton.  He is so sweet, 4 days old and very alert.  Instead of fists moving when he mad, he kicks his legs, it's so funny.  OHH and that baby smell, I just didn't want to give him word from DH- "NO"  :)
Lastly, my lil baby boy Duncan, as I was stitching he kept pawing at me hoping I would give him the ok to jump into my lap. He is not enjoying the cool mornings and wants to snuggle...
Have a safe and blessed weekend, keep Cathey and her family in your prayers, Out of all the kind things being said in blog land, we can all feel better that she is no longer in pain, her posts always brought the honesty of how painful this battle has been for her, physically and mentally. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn Days

Hello everyone, I have fall on my mind, I have Apple Cider Yankee Candle burning, made apple crisp for dessert last night, ummm, the house smells so good.  Leaves are falling all around, much to the kids dismay, as they will be raking this weekend. 

OK, well now it was a busy weekend, it was the high schools homecoming weekend.  Friday was a beautiful night for football and the kids won, 55-7.  The dance was Sat night, and the rains came hard around 4 in the afternoon, and it kept raining.  I was worried as all I could think about was the rain and all the kids out driving in it.  Anyway, we met at a Japanese Steak house to get pictures with the kids, Andrew and his girlfriend Jessica, Ashley went with a bunch of giggling girls.  So happy to see the smiles on the kids faces.

A finish....Little House Needleworks Pumpkin Hollow Farms, done on 28ct Sage.

I think that's it for about now, still trying to decide what I want to do for my Fall Seasonal Exchange...I have one pulled but It's not calling to me, so I may have to find something better.

Happy Monday and have a great week...
Hugs and Stitches

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween Exchange

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Parsley.  She hosted a halloweeen exchange and aside from a stitched piece we also hadtoincludea trick and a treat.  She made me a pumpkin oval box ( love pumpkins!) Andincludedcharts from LHN and Homespun Elegance.  a few extra goodiesand my treat was some "poo poo" lip gloss.  I had to check it out, phew, it neither smells or looks like " poo poo"  Thanks for  hosting this exchange.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Good morning everyone,

I just caught up with everyone's blogs, admiring all the fall and Halloween stitching going on.  It's all so beautiful. I think you are me.  Ugh! Fall market didn't help me behave either :)
The past 2 weeks have been busy.  While DH was in TX I was trying to punch holes in our boat tarp to use bungee cords and I cut my left index finger to the point I had to get 4 stitches, the good news, I could still stitch!  It's all better and stitches are out, just a nasty scar.  It was a stupid accident, one of which I could have prevented by holding the scissors correctly.  I'll spare you the pictures :)

DH came back from TX and it was time to celebrate my daughters sweet 16, she chose a Japanese Hibachi with 2 of her best buddies.  Her present was a Maroon 5 concert ticket which she declared, was the best night of her life...

I've been getting stitching in and pleased with my progress on Pumpkin Hollow Farms.  I have also been working on my Halloween exchanges and did manage to have some stitch friends over during the day, I didn't get much done, we were talking and eating to much. Now it's been 4 days since I've touched Needle and thread, my son was Tboned as he left school last Thursday, he and all the kids involved are ok.  Our car, well, still waiting on the insurance to give us an idea if we need to start shopping or are they going to fix it.  Poor kid, he said I did everything right mom, cell phone is off, radio was off, seatbelts on....the kid that hit him has only had his license for 3 weeks.
I'm just glad all the kids are ok and that it wasn't his fault.  St. Christopher saves us again. 

I have a new nephew about to be born, 14 days to go!  I whipped up a little afghan for him and gave it to momma over the weekend.  This is very exciting since this baby we will be able to see a few days old now that we live closer.  He's a very active baby and my daughter couldn't stop smiling as we held my SIL's tummy and felt him move and respond to mommy waking him up. 

I think that pretty much catches me up for the past few weeks.  I will try to post more frequently.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and stitches

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Fall

Good afternoon !

Oh isn't this a beautiful time of the year?  I love it, we still have heat, will be in the 90's tomorrow but I've had the windows open here and there and love it!!!

Such a busy weekend  here, my baby girl will be 16 tomorrow, I can't believe it.   She is still as headstrong as the day she was born.  Such an independent young person.  Don't try to talk her out of something, she is a stubborn one. Leading up to her decision to cut her hair off, with the intentions of donating it to locks of love.  Well, another stylist dropped the pony tail all over the floor and it's useless now, sadly we didn't even get an apology.  Very disappointed, why she started fussing with it is beyond me but  she pulled some out of the middle and it all dropped out of the rubber band....
The good news is, it is an adorable cut on her.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the boat out and was putting a canvas tarp over it to keep falling leaves out and....I knew better...I said to myself, self this is dangerous....yet I continued to poke a hole with the scissors open and sliced my left index finger was in slow motion...I was saying noooooo as I watched and ran in the house to see how bad, well, I had to go get 4 stitches...but it's in my left hand and I can still stitch...woo hoo, typing is kicking my butt  however.   Yes its tender but I knew better.  All I could think of was the exchanges I need to get  I told the doctor if I couldn't find a place I was going to stitch it myself, but then what color floss to use???  Lesson learned, don't be stupid, I was stupid.

I've been working on Pumpkin Hollow  Farms by LHN, love the colors, here is my bit of progress.

For those of you wondering about hubby and I, we are a work in progress, but things are better, only time will tell.

Have a safe and blessed week!
Hugs and stitches to all.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waving Hello

Good morning dear friends, new and old.

Just checking in to say I am still alive, trying to realign my life at the moment, which has meant little stitching has been accomplished.  We, my husband and I are trying to decide what to do with each other, we are working on adapting.  We are a military family and are used to spending months, typically 6- 7 months at a time, apart from each other.  When the ship was in port, there were duty days and one week operations here and there, well, now that he is retired (2010), I think we are having a hard time spending so much time together, lol.  I've been doing soul searching and concluded that I spoiled him, made sure when he was home we were always doing something.  Well, he isn't a fan of me stitching in the evening while he is home and lack of wanting to go out.  I let my worries about money, the kids, the dogs etc. get in the way and basically have become a homebody.  So, now that there is a threat that our marriage won't last, I've agreed to no stitching while he is at home and try to worry less about things and start enjoying life outside the house.  I suppose we all go through these life changes, kids getting older, needing us less, etc.  So with all that said, this past month has been a slap in the face, a wake up call to me and a realignment of my soul.  Thanking everyone who sent emails to me to check in and offer support, love and hugs, you truly have helped me, more that a simple thank you can say.  I want to say things are better, I'll say it cautiously because only time will tell but we've had more laughter than tears recently.

Let's play some catch up.  I am stitching, just not everyday, I'm still working on LHN  mystery sampler, I should be further along, two Halloween exchange pieces and as if I needed yet another WIP I started Pumpkin Hill from LHN to.  I just feel the need to work on fall pieces, kids went back to high school and it just feels like fall to me, despite the heat.

Andrew passed his driving exam on August 13th so he is driving himself to school, I still worry when he drives off, always saying please be careful....I get "I know mom"
He is in the Med Tech program at school.
Miss Ashley who has her temps and will be 16 next week, bought herself a car, we are helping her fix it up, that child, ughh...last night she declares she wants straight A's this year and since 11th grade is the hardest she wants to quit her job at DQ.  So this brought on the whole conversation about the car, insurance, taking her required driving class, etc.   One word  "kids"  

We took in our first Reds game since moving to Cincinnati, we had nose bleed seats, 6 rows down from the top, but it was fun and we were strait up from first base.  We hope to attend a Bengals game this fall. 

Am I still buying charts?? Oh, my yes, I do have a pattern addiction, I just ordered a bunch from the St. Charles market, and this is on top of what I received this week in the mail.
Up Up and Away by CCN, Flag Lady by WTNT, Summer Sampler CCN, Pumpkin Brew CCN, Halloween by Allessandra Adelaide , June Honeysuckle by Cottage Stitcher

I've also ordered
Red- Mirabelia
Count Your Blessings CCN
Beggars Night Threadwork Primitives
Noel Sampler WTNT
Paper Snowflakes WTNT
Crowing About Fall
Moon and Spider
Hibernation Day
(Sooo, do you see why DH may be a lil upset with me ?)
I have enough charts to open a library after 30 years of stashing.

We did make some Apple Pie Moonshine a few days ago, Oh my gosh, it was sooo good, I can't wait to have some warm with a cool night by a fire outside.  yummm.

OH gosh, we took a drive to VA Beach 2 weeks ago to visit my step daughters and friends.  I needed that so much.  I haven't laughed that hard since we moved here to Ohio.  It was 2 quick days but it was some awesome therapy to visit with them and some friends we consider family.  MIL went to, she is a hoot.  The girls are 24 and almost 22,  we don't get to see them much with school and work and the distance in between but it is so fun when we do spend time together.

Well, I'm sure there is more to tell but, as always, my thought leave my mind...
hoping everyone has a wonderful day!

Love and Stitches

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Exchanged Recieved

Happy Thursday dear friends,

I had a wonderful surprise in todays mail....I received my summer exchange piece from my Season Exchange group.  It's the sweetest little Shepherds Bush Ornament.  She made it into a wonderful ornament and added tiny buttons, just too cute!  I love Shepherds bush so this is perfect for me. 

Scatter Sunshine
Thank you for stopping buy...I don't have any progress to share.  My stitching has come to a near halt while my life has become chaotic, soccer, soccer, has a way of becoming complicated when we don't even realize it, so family first for now, I'll still be around just taking a quiet back seat so I can focus my attention to my family.  Thanks for your support.

Hugs and stitches

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catching Up

Happy Saturday to you, time for me to catch up...I may have to work backwords and attempt to remember everything going on for the past 2 weeks. 

We just got back from a preseason high school soccer tournament, we played 3 games in a row, with no pouring rain...lost 2, won 1, and 2 more games tomorrow, but Ashley works tomorrow so she will miss it.  Tryouts are end of next week so this is good practice.

I  picked up 2 pieces yesterday, first one is the doily Cucki made me for my  birthday, I had it framed as I don't think I could bring myself to use it so I will hang in up and enjoy its beauty.

The second is LHN, Two Yellow Houses, I love everything LHN and always buying more and more then I will ever complete in my lifetime, but I will give it my best shot.

LHN- Two Yellow Houses
32 ct Belfast Linen- Amber
I ordered a Bee's Gathering from Threadwork Primitives on Etsy and that arrived on Thursday, so while I picked up my pieces, I purchased the linen for this 3rd part.  I haven't finished A Bee's Bounty, more than halfway completed, just haven't sat down long enough to work on it or anything else.

JJ's Collectables is having a Christmas in July sale, everything is 20% off, and yes (hanging head in shame) I ordered more stash....we all understand this addiction. 
As well as A Bee's Study from Kathy Barrick on Etsy. 

I also got a new phone, I gave up my Iphone, which has given me years of faithful yet frustrating service, I switched to the Samsung 4s and have to admit, it's pretty awesome.  I have so much to learn. 

Ashley and I went to the Cincinnati zoo on Thursday and had a wonderful time, only took us 3 years to get there.  For it being in a large downtown area, they did a wonderful job making you forget about the city and enjoy the outdoors with the animals. 

Well, I am going to take advantage of some quiet time and go stitch.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Hugs and stitches

Saturday, July 13, 2013

what a week!

Hello friends,
thank you for stopping by, I can't believe this summer is flying by.  School clothes and supplies are out, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, I walked into Hobby Lobby before July 4th and they were putting up Christmas Trees and boxes of decorations were everywhere, it made me very sad.  I asked why and they said for Christmas Crafters, ok, so just leave that stuff up year round but please don't put up the trees just yet!

Thank you for all the concern showed for my baby girl Chloe, she is back to 100% puppy.She is now off the steroids and her face is back to normal size.  Two days after the bee sting, she was out chasing bees in the Clover!  She also had a stomach bacteria that antibiotics took care of.  I treated her to a little pampering (mind you, she doesn't enjoy the nail cutting, the teeth cleaning the bows etc, but I do :)
I made it to LNS yesterday and bought some linen to go with the mail order stash.  I used to think it was safe staying at home, but online stores are just as enabling!  As soon as I'm done with this post, I plan on doing some "window browsing shopping"

ummm, my lilly's are still blooming, the pink is so fragrant!  It's so lovely to go outside and smell them.

I was able to finish Courage, this is one the frog got me and I put it away, but I pulled it out this week and finished it.  I also finished an exchange piece but I can't share that yet.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful weather after days and days of rain!
Hugs to all

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pitiful puppy

Hello and good afternoon my friends.

Not much stitching here for the past few days.  My puppy got bit or stung by something on July 4th so I've been attending to her, so pitiful.  I spoke to the vet Thursday afternoon and was told to give her benadryl and bring her in, in the morning if she gets worse or take to emergency vet if she has breathing issues.

Well, at first she looked like she had a broken nose (they think this is where the bite occurred though we couldn't find anything)  I started to call her Manu, as that is one of my favorite basketball players who has had his nose broken on several occasions

Then by 11:30 pm her face had swollen pretty good but airway was good, more benadryl.
By morning, she could barely see so I took her to the vet at 7:30.  (oh yeah, she had gotten the run in 3 different rooms, one room has white carpet- it all came out with elbow grease)

How is she doing today?  back to normal self!  she had steroids and benadryl injections, but her tummy is still bothering her.  She spent the day at the doggy hospital and they said she was her happy self, wagging her tail, she couldn't see, but she was happy.
When I picked her up last night, the vet tech that was checking us out started to show me pictures of her Golden retriever,  we get to talk and saying how much they look alike and how big they are.  Come to find out, they are brother and sister from same parents, different litter.  Small world!

I do have a finish to show you, I finished this before all hell broke loose her :)
It is  A Bee's Blessing by Threadwork Primitives.  I just love it.  I saw this on Faye's  blog , Carolina Stitcher, and had to do it.  It's so beautiful.  Not sure how I'll finish it, I liked the box she mad and the pattern includes the instructions on making one.  I'll probably give it a try.

Well, we are on day 3 of rain.  I'm rather tired of bad hair days to the nth power!  lol.  Off to a birthday party for a little lady , family friends granddaughter.  Hope everyone stays dry!
Hugs to all

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Part 1 done

Good afternoon dear friends

I was able to complete part 1 of the LHN mystery sampler a few days ago, I have really fallen in love with her color choices.   I look forward to Part 2 being released in a few weeks.  Here is what it looks like to date...

I went to the LNS to have the doily that Cucki made for me framed.  I just love it so much, I would hate to see my clumsy self spill something on it!  So of course while I was there I bought Weeds Make Haste  from Shakespears Peadler and Bees Blessing from Threadwork Primitive, then I got an email I remembered from JJs Collectibles in KY that they were having a 20% off everything sale through today, so I also ordered, A Bee's Bounty- Threadwork Primitive, Hive and Home by Shepherds Bush and Home is Where you Hang your Needlework by Abby Rose.  I couldn't help myself.  I also bought miscellaneous linen pieces at my LHN.  I think I need to go under hypnosis because I obviously don't have the strength to not buy any more stash on my own!

Friday my boy turned 17, where has the time gone?  Our AC went out last Thursday night so I couldn't bake him a cake while the house and the humidity were ridiculous.  We are having a new one installed tomorrow.  Thankfully, my husband is an awesome mr. fix it and we were able to locate a place that would sell him the $6.00 piece that would have been over $100. if we put in a service call.  The unit is 17 years old so we decided before it dies in the heat of the summer to just go ahead and replace it.  It's one of those nice quiet ones to :)

OK< so back to my son, I took him to work (on his birthday) ran up to wal mart, grabbed a cake and took it to his job, it was cute, he seemed embarrassed.  Yesterday I made him a Chocolate Chip Cookie dough cake, we have yet to try it because he got home from work last night at 11pm.

I had hoped to spend all day yesterday stitching....DH went to the Kentucky speedway for the Sprint Cup race yesterday with some fellas from work, it got rained out and they decided to do it today at noon, but none of them wanted to go back, it's less than 1.5 hours drive from here.  I wanted to go so much but I'm still the taxi driver for 2 teenagers to and from their jobs.  soooo I managed to get some of A Bee's blessing done, but not as much as I had hoped.  It's all good, I'm happy just to be able to have my stitching :)  I do hope my new stash arrives before his 5 days off starting Thursday.  I need time to hide it.   Is it only me or there other stitchers that hide stuff and then say, Oh that, I got that a few months ago, hehe, I kinda do the same dumb look when I buy new clothes too.

OK, well, I am going to take this opportunity and go stitch...Have a wonderful Sunday, stay blessed.