Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Fall

Good afternoon !

Oh isn't this a beautiful time of the year?  I love it, we still have heat, will be in the 90's tomorrow but I've had the windows open here and there and love it!!!

Such a busy weekend  here, my baby girl will be 16 tomorrow, I can't believe it.   She is still as headstrong as the day she was born.  Such an independent young person.  Don't try to talk her out of something, she is a stubborn one. Leading up to her decision to cut her hair off, with the intentions of donating it to locks of love.  Well, another stylist dropped the pony tail all over the floor and it's useless now, sadly we didn't even get an apology.  Very disappointed, why she started fussing with it is beyond me but  she pulled some out of the middle and it all dropped out of the rubber band....
The good news is, it is an adorable cut on her.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the boat out and was putting a canvas tarp over it to keep falling leaves out and....I knew better...I said to myself, self this is dangerous....yet I continued to poke a hole with the scissors open and sliced my left index finger was in slow motion...I was saying noooooo as I watched and ran in the house to see how bad, well, I had to go get 4 stitches...but it's in my left hand and I can still stitch...woo hoo, typing is kicking my butt  however.   Yes its tender but I knew better.  All I could think of was the exchanges I need to get  I told the doctor if I couldn't find a place I was going to stitch it myself, but then what color floss to use???  Lesson learned, don't be stupid, I was stupid.

I've been working on Pumpkin Hollow  Farms by LHN, love the colors, here is my bit of progress.

For those of you wondering about hubby and I, we are a work in progress, but things are better, only time will tell.

Have a safe and blessed week!
Hugs and stitches to all.


  1. Oh, and those scissor cuts hurt! Glad you can still stitch, though :)

  2. Aww your daughter is looking so sweet ... Happy birthday to her ...
    Oh dear I hope it heal soon..sending you hugs x
    Very pretty x

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, her new hair stlye looks great.
    Poor you but good that you can still stitch.
    Hugs to you and your family.

  4. Continuing to keep you in my prayers my friend! Your daughter is beautiful! That hairstyle is perfect for her! So sorry about your boo-boo. Hope it feels better soon. Great WIP!

  5. Your daughter's new haircut is adorable--so sorry the hair donation didn't work out... She is a lovely, lovely young lady :)

    Ouch--that looks painful, Dawn! Sure hope it heals quickly and painlessly. Thinking of you and your family--do hope things continue to improve!

  6. Love your daughter's cut! So sad about the donation ~ they should have given the cut for free! Ouch on that finger ~ hope it is healing well ~ and at least you can stitch! Still sending thoughts and prayers for you and hubby!