Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tues already

Well I have been trying to learn how to do my posts via my phone but they don't seem to want to cooperate much. I'll keep trying. I have spent all afternoon on my new piece and started to plan already for the next one I want to do. Had a bit of an off day, took my daughter to town for her bassoon lesson only to find a locked door, when her teachers husband said she had just left for a meeting at the conservatory. Ahh yes the lightbulb clicked on, we were scheduled a half hour earlier this week due to that meeting, lol. It is what it is and it was a lovely day so the drive was nice. I noticed that many trees are starting to change already. I'm not ready for summer to end.

I find myself looking for that parents manual I seemed to have lost, boy the kids really have me baffled. I try to be easy going but damn, sometimes the chores just need to get done. I'm ready to go to Madea's school of child guidence. I love the way she goes old school on kids.

Heading up Erie this weekend to visit my parents one last time this summer before school starts and travel is more challenging. I always look forward to visiting them, especially my mom! Waiting to have some of her awesome cooking. Worried about my dad, his health is going downhill faster than I expected and I'm trying to figure out how to handle them getting older.

Well back to my project, going to enjoy this wonderful evening while I still can.



Sunday, August 28, 2011

wonderful weekend

The weekend came and went but it has been wonderful weather. Friday night my daughter and I spent the night at Children's hospital for her sleep study, both of us did not sleep well but we snoozed Sat morning after they released her. Saturday afternoon, hubby, Ashley and I went to Vevay Indiana for their wine festival, great sunny day and some great wine tasting. We bought a wonderful bottle of Raspberry wine, can't wait to uncork it! I treated myself to an Elephant Ear, which i haven't had since I was a child, oh it was so yummy, probably one of the worst things to eat the week before my cholesterol test. lol. Today we have been doing some outside household chores, again enjoying the weather, I painted the light post and now have black paint on my hands and nails, although it is dry i do not want to touch my cross stitch. I finished my Lizzie Kate piece on Friday and started a Bent Creek pattern, got a lot done Friday afternoon but haven't touched it since Friday night. Just enjoying my the outside. So sad that fall is right around the corner, my mum plant is already blooming, high school football games have started and the neighbors leaves are falling in my yard, sigh, lol. oh well. The beautiful thing about living in Ohio is you get to enjoy each season.

On a more serious note, I am happy that none of our friends and family have had any damages due to the hurricane. It is weird not to be in VA this year going through the bad weather.

Enjoy the day

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving Right Along

Ok, well after watching some You Tube videos I have learned more and am well on my way to being a Blogger! Very exciting for me. My next goal is to continue to improve the site and hopefully it will grow to be a worthy blog. There are so many blogs that I have viewed which show fantastic design and character. I know this is a work in progress.

I did spend all day yesterday working on my Lizzie Kate project, and believe it will be done by tomorrow if not tonight.

Enjoy the beautiful day that it is.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

more stitchin

Good morning, I am still learning my away around the blog world, I hope to figure out had to add my favorite sites and other blogs that I enjoy looking at. Yesterday I picked up my Lizzie Kate project, Time For God #141. I found a major counting boo boo, one that I had to rip out as a finished piece would have been painfully noticeable. So I ripped and got to redoing and I'm back on track. I haven't been to my local store all summer as money is tight and I know I can't walk in without buying something...I hear it calling my name and may take a drive up to it today. It's about a 15 mile drive. After moving to a big city such as Cincinnati last year I expected to find several stores but there is only 1. I am thankful that it is not only a beautiful store but the store owner is awesome too. The store is Keepsakes and it is in Sharonville Ohio. So here is to continued stitching on a gorgeous day!

This project is being done on 30 ct R&R Lucky Penny

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm still trying to figure this out, how hard can it be? I thought I created a page so I could post pictures of finished pieces and it disappeared. I should expect this today since I made muffins and after I put them in the over I realized I forgot the eggs! At least I can laugh at myself :) Enjoy your Saturday and hopefully I will be making progress over the weekend.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Drink Coffee, Stitch Faster

a new journey

Good evening and welcome to my blog! I am new at this and hope to develop skills as I go along. I have come across so many beautiful sites of fellow cross stitchers and wanted to try it for myself. I am married to the most fantastic man, I have 2 children who are entering the 9th grade, my pride and joy. I also have a lil French Bulldog who has big personality who is my shadow.

I have lived all over the world compliments of the Navy. I have been blessed to see Hawaiian sunsets and Virginian sunrises. My children were born in Italy and my last 12 years were in Hampton Roads Virginia. God has been good to me, I am blessed. I have wonderful friends who I can't imagine not having.

I have a BA in Social Work from Gannon University, I have worked in geriatrics, foster care, employment services, child care case manager and Navy EFMP Respite Care Program Manager.
Moving makes employment a bit of a challenge :)

I have been cross stitching since I was 13, so for 30 years I have acquired many patterns and a variety of tastes. I have a few UFO's calling my name but I'm getting better. I took a few years off due to carpel tunnel and a too busy life but hand is all fixed and life is a little slower so I'm back in full force.

My life is a work in progress....