Sunday, August 28, 2011

wonderful weekend

The weekend came and went but it has been wonderful weather. Friday night my daughter and I spent the night at Children's hospital for her sleep study, both of us did not sleep well but we snoozed Sat morning after they released her. Saturday afternoon, hubby, Ashley and I went to Vevay Indiana for their wine festival, great sunny day and some great wine tasting. We bought a wonderful bottle of Raspberry wine, can't wait to uncork it! I treated myself to an Elephant Ear, which i haven't had since I was a child, oh it was so yummy, probably one of the worst things to eat the week before my cholesterol test. lol. Today we have been doing some outside household chores, again enjoying the weather, I painted the light post and now have black paint on my hands and nails, although it is dry i do not want to touch my cross stitch. I finished my Lizzie Kate piece on Friday and started a Bent Creek pattern, got a lot done Friday afternoon but haven't touched it since Friday night. Just enjoying my the outside. So sad that fall is right around the corner, my mum plant is already blooming, high school football games have started and the neighbors leaves are falling in my yard, sigh, lol. oh well. The beautiful thing about living in Ohio is you get to enjoy each season.

On a more serious note, I am happy that none of our friends and family have had any damages due to the hurricane. It is weird not to be in VA this year going through the bad weather.

Enjoy the day

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