Sunday, June 30, 2013

Part 1 done

Good afternoon dear friends

I was able to complete part 1 of the LHN mystery sampler a few days ago, I have really fallen in love with her color choices.   I look forward to Part 2 being released in a few weeks.  Here is what it looks like to date...

I went to the LNS to have the doily that Cucki made for me framed.  I just love it so much, I would hate to see my clumsy self spill something on it!  So of course while I was there I bought Weeds Make Haste  from Shakespears Peadler and Bees Blessing from Threadwork Primitive, then I got an email I remembered from JJs Collectibles in KY that they were having a 20% off everything sale through today, so I also ordered, A Bee's Bounty- Threadwork Primitive, Hive and Home by Shepherds Bush and Home is Where you Hang your Needlework by Abby Rose.  I couldn't help myself.  I also bought miscellaneous linen pieces at my LHN.  I think I need to go under hypnosis because I obviously don't have the strength to not buy any more stash on my own!

Friday my boy turned 17, where has the time gone?  Our AC went out last Thursday night so I couldn't bake him a cake while the house and the humidity were ridiculous.  We are having a new one installed tomorrow.  Thankfully, my husband is an awesome mr. fix it and we were able to locate a place that would sell him the $6.00 piece that would have been over $100. if we put in a service call.  The unit is 17 years old so we decided before it dies in the heat of the summer to just go ahead and replace it.  It's one of those nice quiet ones to :)

OK< so back to my son, I took him to work (on his birthday) ran up to wal mart, grabbed a cake and took it to his job, it was cute, he seemed embarrassed.  Yesterday I made him a Chocolate Chip Cookie dough cake, we have yet to try it because he got home from work last night at 11pm.

I had hoped to spend all day yesterday stitching....DH went to the Kentucky speedway for the Sprint Cup race yesterday with some fellas from work, it got rained out and they decided to do it today at noon, but none of them wanted to go back, it's less than 1.5 hours drive from here.  I wanted to go so much but I'm still the taxi driver for 2 teenagers to and from their jobs.  soooo I managed to get some of A Bee's blessing done, but not as much as I had hoped.  It's all good, I'm happy just to be able to have my stitching :)  I do hope my new stash arrives before his 5 days off starting Thursday.  I need time to hide it.   Is it only me or there other stitchers that hide stuff and then say, Oh that, I got that a few months ago, hehe, I kinda do the same dumb look when I buy new clothes too.

OK, well, I am going to take this opportunity and go stitch...Have a wonderful Sunday, stay blessed.



  1. Yummy cake..happy birthday to big boy :)
    Sweet stitches..
    Big hugs for you x

  2. I love your LHN start :)
    Haven't gotten mine up and going yet :(

  3. The LHN piece is so cute ~ love the singing birds!! Great new stash! I don't necessarily hide, I just don't openly tell....hehehe.....
    Happy Birthday to your son ~ his cake looks yummy!!

  4. Hi Dawn, the beginning of the sampler looks great. I am excited how it will look in the end. How was the cake ? Sabine

  5. Congratulations on finishing part one, Dawn--it looks so cute with the red birds on it.

    Sorry to hear about the AC going out--not the best time of year right at the beginning of July!!

    Yummy looking cake--Happy 17th Birthday to your son. Hope his year is a very special one :)

  6. Hope you got lots of stitching done, Dawn. I'm loving your Mystery Sampler!!! Hopefully, I get mine started today. Best wishes to your son on his birthday!!!

  7. Yummy cake! Best wishes to your son
    Lovely shopping day, stash is so necessary!
    Well done on the mystery sampler, look forward to see more :)

  8. Hello dawn !
    The LHN Mystery sampler looks very beautifull I love Sun shining on it ! :)

    The new stash is allways so fun and makes our little hearts happy !I love shopping it !!

    Congratulations to Your DS on his 17th birhday !

  9. Your LHN mystery sampler looks beautiful, I must start my one soon.
    Than cake looks so yummy Dawn, congrats to your son.