Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Dance- a finish and a new start!

Waving hello to new and old friends, thank you for visiting!  I finished Bless Our Home by CCN today and started Songs of the Season, mystery sampler today, it arrived in yesterdays mail and I couldn't dive into it quick enough. I have had Bless Our Home for about a year now waiting for me to start it, I am very happy I did it.  As for Songs of the Season, thankfully I had enough of the required WDW to get started, tomorrow I may make a run into LNS or take the time to see if I have substitutes.

Bless Our Home- CCN
Miscellaneous linen, required threads

a new start...

Song of the Seasons, part 1
Little House Needleworks
30ct WDW Straw/ WDW threads

new lilly's I planted this week, the orange is just so cheerful

I hope everyone had a productive week, the kids and I used a chainsaw (without any injuries) this week and cut up 3 trees that we had professionally taken down.  They weren't happy but we got the trees cut and the wood stacked, I didn't know my arms could ache so much.  The yard is nice and open now, hated to have them cut down but they were dead.

Well it's time to go get the daughter from work.  I hope she walks out right at 9, the Spurs are playing tonight, my husband is from San Antonio so of course we are big Spurs fans (i even have the spur tattooed on my back shoulder (mid life crisis :)  So say a little prayer that they win tonight, it's been a great series so far, best of 7 and they are tied 3 each.  Oh, thy are playing the Miami Heat (blah).  My French bull dog is named after Tim Duncan ( i know, sad, but when I muttered under my breath how much the dog cost, I had to try to redeem myself and so I went with a name from his favorite team)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bless This House looks great. I love the little dog. :) I can't imagine the work you did on those trees. Hope your muscles aren't still screaming at you. Looking forward to seeing your mystery sampler turn into something beautiful!

  2. You got a great start on the Mystery sampler. It looks really good. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive.
    The colors of your Bless our Home are so happy. That piece just makes me smile. Hope your "Spurs" take it all tonight!

  3. Love your finish ~ especially the little pup! Looking forward to seeing more of your new start.
    I know you are sore ~ but that wood will keep you warm come winter time! How did the pups do with the sound of the saw?

  4. Bless Our Home is adorable. I love the puppy in the yard.
    Bless your kids and you for all of your hard work with the trees. Your fireplace will be well stocked this winter.

    What a beautiful shade of orange the flowers are.

    I hope your team is successful tonight. I love your reasoning for naming the dog!

  5. Just got my mystery sampler yesterday. Bless our home looks great.

  6. Wonderful.
    I love your stitching.

  7. enchanting.....I like very much

  8. It looks so beautiful and you are sooo fast :-). My husband would fall in a koma if he would see how you work with the saw. It is his favorite hobby, but we all have to get dressed for it properly. Don´t worry about tatoos. I have some myself and I still love them all. Sabine

  9. Bless Our Home is super sweet..well done dear...
    And I love the puppy in the cute...
    Bless your kids and you for all of your hard work with these giant trees...
    Lovely orange flowers...
    Enjoy stitching the mystery sampler x

  10. Love your stitching Dawn, so pretty and so are your lilly's.

  11. Beautiful stitching, and lovely flowers!
    Enjoy your new project

  12. Beautiful finish, Dawn! And your new project looks like such fun...

    I'm amazed that the three of you cut up those big trees!! Whew--no wonder you were aching... Nice to have all that wood to burn on those cold winter nights, though :)

  13. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your finish is very pretty and you have a lovely new start.
    The lilies are gorgeous, I have some in my garden too but I'm still waiting for the flowers to open.
    Have a good week (: