Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday thank you's and progress

Good afternoon friends,
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for my birthday wishes this week, on Monday I turned 45, ugh.  When did this happen?  If you can let me know maybe you also have the manual they forgot to give me when I had my kids too, lol.  I'm still looking for it.
Anyways, I want to thank you for taking the time to send me personal birthday emails and cards, so very much appreciated, and a few of you snuck in some gifts.

Denise at Riverside Stitching was kind enough to mail a card and thought she was being funny reminding me that I am 9 days older than her, lol, what a pal.  Thank you Denise!  She lives up the road from me a few hours away as well.  We are still working on meeting face to face.

Yesterday a surprise from dearest Shirlee arrived from the Easily Influenced Stitcher, she just lives down the road from me and was one of the first bloggers that I established a friendship with.  What a pleasant surprise to open up a Take Along kit from The Trilogy.  I can't wait for fall to get here so I can start it.

I picked up my Needleworker by LHN on Tuesday, I love it so much.  I hope you do to.  My apologies for the horrible reflection.

Of course since I was at the LNS, i couldn't walk out empty handed, so I was delighted that she had the new Scarlett House, She feeds them well, I want to jump right into that. I am so in love with it.

I've also had a relapse in my promise to myself to stop buying stash....I had to, couldn't help myself...ugh, I'm also on the auto ship for  LHN mystery sampler that comes out this week to.  Catherine at Bramblewood  has kindly offered to smack me (at my request) I have also asked her to hold on to my debit card, but i fear i may have to give her my pay pal info as well, perhaps my checkbook and credit cards need to be included?

I treated myself to a new Vera Wang I mean Bradley, lol, bag, they sent me a 25% off card for my birthday and then I found something on sale so it came to over 75% off by the time I was done.  Yay me!  did i need another tote, no i did not, but that is beside the point, one needs nice bags to hid their ever growing stash in. 

Well here is my progress on Bless this Home and Blackbirds

Some more lilies, they are so beautiful this year...

Lastly a fun frenchie picture...I wish Duncan could do that

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Hugs and stitches


  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm right behind you. I'll be 45 this year too. I too am asking myself, how on earth did I get here? LOL!

  2. Hello deary,such sweet presents ...beautiful gift ..
    Wow the needle worker is looking so beautiful ..I love it..
    Sweet new stash ..and the bag is so pretty ..
    Lovely bloom ..have a lovely weekend x

  3. Happy belated birthday!!
    Awesome needleworker finish and frame
    I love that design by the Scarlett House
    Pretty bag, we all love those Vera bags
    Have a super duper weekend

  4. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday, Dawn ♫♪♫ (just a bit belated!!) I sure hope the coming year is a happy one for you! And 45 is NOT old--take it from someone who is fast approaching (gulp) 60!

    Lovely gift from Shirlee--very cute project! And I LOVE your framed Needleworker piece--just gorgeous. That is one I have to stitch myself--some day :)

  5. Happy Birthday and all the best, I am a little late, too. I didn´t know that you had your birthday. We were born the same year and I found that number 45 a little strange this year! 45 years, some mornings I feel like I am twenty :-)

    Your Needleworker is great and I also love the pumpkin stitching.

    One day we will meet and then try to put our frenchies in such a suit. I swear we will have a lot of fun.
    Love Sabine

  6. Happy belated birthday!
    Love your needleworker finish, and the new stash!!

  7. I'll wish you a very Happy Birthday again ~ and we'll let this stash buying slide since it was your special day!! Now hand over all the financial goodies.....

    Your finish looks great ~ as do your flowers!!!!

    What a funny pup pic!!!!