Sunday, June 9, 2013


I received another gift from the heart, dearest Cucki, she sent me this doily she made a thank you for sending her a parcel from an large exchange we did, however, her partner failed to play nice and she was left with nothing as the rest of got to enjoy our packages, I felt bad  as generous as she is, she was treated like this, and tried to make her a special package.  She surprised me with a handmade thank you that has left me speechless, her talents are amazing...

I think I will see about framing it, I couldn't possibly use !

Lets see, I've been stitching here and there but not too much progress to report :)
While I was out enjoying my flowers today, giving them some water, I decided the dogs needed a bath, so they are nice and clean and smelling good:0

Here are some garden pictures of my lilies that I took this morning, they are so beautiful, I always enjoy when they are in bloom, my father sent me home with some of his so they are extra special to me.

I love my swing, I really enjoy sitting on it watching the hummingbirds fly by with a quick drink from my feeders then over to the lillies.  Well, today I got up to return inside, my Frenchie Duncan didn't seem ready to go inside, I couldn't resist this picture of him

I am blessed...
Hugs and stitches


  1. Aww you are my deary sweetie friend and I love you so much ❤❤
    Sweet puppy and lovely bloom..
    Hugs x

  2. How SUPER SWEET of you to send her a goodie package when the other fell through. My hopes is that it was just lost, not forgotten BUT I suggest you keep your eye out for stitchy exchanges where that person might creep in, just in case.

    Cucki is a sweetie to make a thank you. She is talented.

    OH! Now that I see your Frenchie's ears and more of the body I can TOTALLY tell he's not a Boston. DUH, on my part!!

  3. I would love to know how to make a doily, that is beautiful. It is dreadful when a stitcher fails to follow through and send an exchange. You were very sweet to step in and send a package.

    Wow, your Lilies are gorgeous and your dog is the cutest!!! :D

  4. Very sweet of you to send a parcel to cucki after her partner let her down. And such a lovely thank you you received! I have also been so lucky to receive a doily from cucki and I agree...they are beautiful! She is so talented!
    Lovely puppy you have :)

  5. How much they look alike :-) I love the pictures! They almost seems to have the same stature.
    The doiley is really beautiful and it was such a lovely idea of you, to sent her something. Have a wonderful day. Love Sabine

  6. Beautiful doily from Cucki. You were so thoughtful to remember her when her exchange fell through.

    I love your daylilies. The colors are beautiful.
    Your swing looks like the perfect place to sit and stitch.

    Duncan is a hoot. He just wanted to enjoy a few more swings

  7. What a fabulous thank you gift ~ a treasure for sure! Your lilies are beautiful ~ mine came from my mom and grandmom's gardens, which makes them even more special. Love your pup's expression!!

  8. What a lovely doily from Cucki!
    Oh-sorry I called you dog a Boston Terrier -of course he is a frenh Bulldog.maube it was the black and white colour that mede me confused..

    He is so cute sitting on the swing :)