Monday, June 24, 2013

RAK and exchange received

Good afternoon friends,  waving to a few more new numbers are creeping up, may have to think of a giveaway soon :)

My son offered to go get the mail today, he's waiting for a package, sadly for him, the packages that arrived were for me, woo too!!

The first one is from http Hooked on Exchanging,  Summer exchange, I received this lovely Shepherds Bush Fob from Amy in Florida, it's done on both side with extra beading, it's just lovely.  I love the patriotic theme she sent me.

Then I received a birthday package from June, I had asked her for a sheep pattern link, and she surprised me with the pattern, beads, ribbon and a pillow!  How about that??  She used my favorite color, blue, it's just an adorable pillow with a watering can pin and then a little initial charm as well.

Wow, I am so blessed, I have had the most amazing opportunity to join blog land and share my love of cross stitch with friends near and far.  Saying thank you just doesn't seem like its enough.

Lastly, this is my progress on part 1 of LHN mystery sampler....I really love the colors, I am very excited to see what part 2 brings, but will have to wait until mid July for that.
Hoping everyone has a wonderful week!
Hugs and stitches


  1. Wow super sweet gifts..the fob is super cute and all the gifts are so are our sweet friend.
    Great progress..
    Big hugs x

  2. How very pretty your exchanges received are :)
    I love the SB patriotic fob!

  3. Great goodies! June is such a talented and giving person. Your exchange piece is great too ~ love the finish!!!

  4. Beautiful pieces in the mail - what more can a girl ask for?? Any ideas where the mystery piece will be?

  5. Hello Dawn!

    The patriotic stitching is very pretty and I have always loved the the colours of the flag of your Country !
    Lovely blue pillow with the "D" :)

  6. Really love that patriotic fob you received, Dawn! And what lovely gifts from dear June--she is the sweetest, isn't she?

    Looking forward to watching your progress on your mystery sampler :)

  7. I love the patriotic fob...beautiful stitching and finishing detail.
    Beautiful gifts from June. She is a thoughtful and gifted stitcher.

    I'm looking forward to seeing part 2 of the mystery sampler.
    You have made great progress so far. Hang in there... July is coming!