Saturday, July 13, 2013

what a week!

Hello friends,
thank you for stopping by, I can't believe this summer is flying by.  School clothes and supplies are out, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, I walked into Hobby Lobby before July 4th and they were putting up Christmas Trees and boxes of decorations were everywhere, it made me very sad.  I asked why and they said for Christmas Crafters, ok, so just leave that stuff up year round but please don't put up the trees just yet!

Thank you for all the concern showed for my baby girl Chloe, she is back to 100% puppy.She is now off the steroids and her face is back to normal size.  Two days after the bee sting, she was out chasing bees in the Clover!  She also had a stomach bacteria that antibiotics took care of.  I treated her to a little pampering (mind you, she doesn't enjoy the nail cutting, the teeth cleaning the bows etc, but I do :)
I made it to LNS yesterday and bought some linen to go with the mail order stash.  I used to think it was safe staying at home, but online stores are just as enabling!  As soon as I'm done with this post, I plan on doing some "window browsing shopping"

ummm, my lilly's are still blooming, the pink is so fragrant!  It's so lovely to go outside and smell them.

I was able to finish Courage, this is one the frog got me and I put it away, but I pulled it out this week and finished it.  I also finished an exchange piece but I can't share that yet.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful weather after days and days of rain!
Hugs to all


  1. Wow super sweet finish ..I love it so much.
    And I am so happy that sweet puppy is feeling better now..kisses
    Super sweet stash ;)
    Love u x

  2. So glad Chloe is better. She looks so sweet now even if she's not happy about her pampering. Great new stash. I'll be looking forward to seeing your stitching progress!

  3. Aww...poor Chloe, feeling better and getting pampered! Lol! So glad she is better. Your flowers are so pretty ~ wish I could smell them!
    Great stash and stitches!!

  4. I'm so glad that Chloe is feeling better : ) Great lilies & of course wonderful stitching! I know what you mean about online enabling. A week or two ago, 123 Stitch had a Christmas in July sale. I did a lot of damage : )

  5. So happy to hear that Chloe is feeling better ,she looks so kind and loyal company to you :)

    Oh ,how I love on line shopping ,for us it is almost the only way to buy stash because we have on ONE LNS in our whole country !
    And it is not vety good one ,mostly very traditional Permin of Coppenhagen style kits..

  6. Dawn, If you don't mind me asking where is your LNS? I live near Portsmouth Ohio and your LNS may be my nearest LNS. I am hoping to come to Cincy for Labor Day fireworks and would love to know where a cross stitch shop is located.

  7. LOL! Nope, your puppy does not look happy at all with those bows in her hair ;o) LOL!

    Nice stash! HA! Shopping from home isn't better, believe me. This way you don't have a spouse waiting outside in the car for you ;o)

    Lovely finish and your flowers are gorgeous!