Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exchange Rack received

Good morning friends!

Yesterday I was surprised by an unexpected RAK, I participated in a Turkey Pin keep exchange for
Thanksgiving, unfortunately, who ever had me choose not to follow through so I didn't receive one, I just chalked it up as a loss.  Well, the exchange had an Angel Stitcher to send me one and she went above and beyond and included some extra goodies... linen, scissors, buttons, pins, tassels and the pin keep.  Bok Bok by Plum Street.  Maire from Creative Thread.

I also received a package that had some patterns I ordered last week from The Strawberry Sampler, they  had a 25% off pajama party sale, so I took advantage of it and bought Spring Jack by Plum STreet Samplers and Sheep by Shepherds Bush.

I had a productive evening working on Needleworker while my daughter was at soccer practice, maybe I'll finish it this week??  Here is hopping, I have patterns in my sewing basket calling my name!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful day


  1. Your angel stitcher is so sweet, Dawn!! What a wonderful piece she stitched and to add all those other goodies too means she is a true angel :)

  2. Very sweet to have had an angel stitcher!! Love the goodies!