Monday, October 3, 2011


Well, tomorrow my 14 yo daughter has her "kissing" tonsils taken out, they are so big they touch each other when she says awwww. This has been a long time coming, she sleeps poorly and is always tired...typical teenager, after our move to Cincinnati we finally made some progress, sleep study was ordered and the poor thing wakes up 16 times an hour! So tomorrow is the day to her new beginning, after what I hope is a speedy recovery she will finally get some restful sleep.

Anyways...I have nervous energy about the surgery even though it is routine, she is still my baby. I have packed three different projects to work on as I doubt I will sit still long enough. :)

My progress on the stocking is going along well, we had to order another skein of floss as they didn't provide enough ( this is a contracted stitching piece) but all is well and I hope to finish it by weeks end while i wait for that last skein. Then I can fully concentrate on my pieces.

It is a beautiful fall day and I believe that I will spend some time outside clearing my head, perhaps mow the lawn...

Enjoy the day


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