Thursday, October 27, 2011

bad blogger

OK, so i'm not a great blogger but I figure I'll keep it going to see my progress and it keeps all my links I favor in order. So my project this week was to organize my floss, which I have accomplished and feel good that it is so nice and tidy and easy to find exactly what I need.
I've also made some finishes that I finally took pictures of. I'm also continuing my spreadsheet of my cross stitch leaflets, I'm at nearly 500 and there is more to do :)
Lastly, I'm excited I got my LK Christmas exchange partner name today and am ready to find the perfect Christmas pattern to make for her.
Fall is here, spent the week raking leaves and now healing blisters, but it was lovely weather to rake. Love the fall, miss my hummingbirds but I'll see them in the spring.
With that, time to go get my son from football and finish dinner.

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