Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lizzie Kate crazy

Well, I've been under the weather with the change of season cold so I'm having a cup of tea and working on my exchange for Lizzie Kate, I love the way it's working up and thinking I'll make one up for me to. I also finished "Dear Santa, we've got cookies" and just got my hand on "Santa wants to know" thinking I'll make that into a cube.
My spreadsheet has over 600 patterns listed and I'm still got a lot more to go. Oh the money I've spent over the years, funny how my tastes have changed.
Have to run my daugter to Northern Kentucky Univ to see if she is interested in participating in their Youth Orchestra, need to get out money's worth out of her bassoon. She is bored at the high school, just in the band but nothing challenging. Last night it was my son's soccer try outs, he belongs in a u-16 team, which the club doesn't have so he's been playing up a year and he just turned 15, so his team is a u-17 but now the u-18 team wants him but he wants to stick with his team from last spring, we love the kids and the coach so all is well. I am so happy he is finsihed with football and is focusing on soccer again. Gotta love the high school years....
Hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend. I'm just parousing looking at some of the blogs I like to follow....

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