Thursday, November 17, 2011

still here

dear friends,
well I have been busy stitching all kind of ornaments by Lizzie Kate, I want the one I send to my assigned LK exchange to be just perfect. Was just talking to my 15 yo son, he is wearing a undershirt with black spots all over it. Seems he forgot to empty his pants pocket of a pen and it went through the washer and yes the dryer, he learned how to scrub ink out of a dryer, easy with a magic eraser but his clothes...well, he learned a lesson...:)
Ok, back to stitching, lots of Lizzie Kate stuff and just finishing up a SB stocking, Brett's Stocking, tomorrow I will put the embelishments on and take it up to the store for the lady I stitched it for. I would have put them on earlier this week, but we are having one of those weeks, full moon and all so with some ripping out and restiching, I figured the embelishments could wait until I got my head on strait.
Hope everyone is stitching with smiles on their face.

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