Monday, November 21, 2011

Have you ever...

Got so into stitching that you surprised yourself with how many completed pieces you've done. I've done 6 LK pieces over the past 3 weeks, plus finished a SB stocking. I have my piece done for my LK partner, love it so much now I need to make a duplicate for myself!
Won't get much stitching done this week, my step daughters are coming in from college Wed afternoon, then I have to take my two kids on a road trip to meet up with their dad in Pgh, so I'll lose 6 hours there, thank heavens my mother in law is coming in on Wed to do the cooking, yeah! she is an awesome cook, they are just using our home since space is a issue at her home.
Took a drive up to my favorite store to drop off the stocking and ended up spending $40, on a new pattern, buttons, overdyed and linen, plus a few end cut pieces in her scrap bin that always work out awesome for the little projects. I think a good word to describe me is encouragable, lol.
Oh yes, also made a stop at JoAnn's today to buy some more seasonal ribbon and a skein of floss.
Hope everyone is having a great turkey week!
House is smelling awesome, daughter just made pizzells for a class project, now i'm thinking I'll have to make a batch tomorrow, was going to make M&M cookies today but well, stitching got the best of me and now I"m about to run out the door with my son for his high school sports banquet, DH is down at work at a charity basketball game (he works over an hour away). Busy busy, everyone stay safe and keep smiling!

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