Friday, December 2, 2011

mailed my LK exchange piece

Hello everyone, I am pleased that I got my piece done and mailed before the mailing deadline next week. I've been busy sewing all kinds of Christmas ornaments. It is very inspiring to be completing so many things, I typically work on bigger items but have been having fun working on many of LK's Christmas patterns. I have been trying to bake one batch of Christmas cookies each day and then stitch. I've baked cookies 3 days in a row but my family got to yesterday's batch before I could freeze them so those are gone, lol.
It's been a busy few last weeks, had to drive to the other side of Columbus to do a switch off with my ex with the kids, so that was a 2.5 hour drive and then back home to start working on Thanksgiving dinner last Wednesday night. My step daughters came in Wednesday afternoon and my mom in law later that evening, we stayed up till 1:30 am cooking. It was good fun, then Thursday was leisurly finishing the preping and cooking for the feast. I don't mink hosting Thanksgiving, but I don't have the patience when it comes to the little ones jumping on my furniture and running after being corrected, ugh! Just to have my sisters in laws tell me that they let the kids jump at home because their furniture is old, sigh. so is mine but it's got to last awhile longer! We were never allowed to run and jump in a home when I was growing up. Just reinforces me to say my two are enough, lol.
So dinner was good, everyone made it back home safely, it was nice to spend time with everyone and chow down.
Well, i've griped enough, time to start prepping dinner- tonight is cheese fondue and then chocolate fondue for desert- yummy. Perhaps some wine too. :) Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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