Monday, June 18, 2012

Even more stash

Good afternoon,
Had to share that I picked up  CCN's Bless our Home and Star Spangled Garden over the weekend while I was Erie visiting my parents.  So happy to find these two, I've been eyeing them but haven't purchased, but they were right out front calling my name and they were cheaper than my LNS so How could I possibly pass them up?  It's a good thing she only does cash or check, since I don't carry the checkbook and have little cash, i was able to keep my spending in check:)   I was able to work on Two Yellow Houses a wee bit, I spent some time walking the grape Farm, and Picked some Strawberries ( just made a Pie for dessert)  Wish I had brought more home.  I would have attempted to stop at the LNS in Columbus that some folks have suggested that I swing by but My road rage with the construction going on, so I passed for this trip, I'll do a little road trip with the store in mind only and see what trouble I can get into.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

Bless this home and Star Spangled Garden by CCN

Two Yellow Houses- LHN


  1. Great stash and beautiful start. Looking forward to the next progress picture!

  2. Lovely new stash & WIP : ) I sometimes pass by shops I know are in an area based on traffic woes or other aggravating factors. I just want to get home! Lol! A visit can always be made at another time.

  3. Thank you both, I love the colors of Two Yellow Houses, the picture does it no justice. Columbus is tore up, they are putting a new exchange in and I don't know my around, I just know to go through it, plus traffic was at a crawl. Somemany folks from the LHN/CCN group have recommended this shop that I would love to have a look see. Just as well, I'm broke anyways, my DH is gonna lock me in the house, lol. I think he may secretly be wishing that I didn't have my carpel tunnel surgery 18 months ago, LOL,I'm stitching all the time now. Before I had it done I didn't stitch for years and that includes the time we were together before we got married, haha. I asked him if it bothers him, he said as long as I don't mind his phone fettish. He loves to always have the newest phones. of these days I'll make it to the store.