Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Very Busy Week

Duncan and Chloe

Good afternoon everyone, I just realized that a good amount of time has gone by and this blog has been neglected.  Here is this past weeks events, both my kids had soccer tryouts for Next Spring!   conditioning starts on June 11th for their High school team.   I missed my lns stick in last night as I had to take my daughter to graduation, the band was required to play at it.  sigh.  OK, well, I mailed off my box for the Stitched with Love exchange, my first time participating, at this time I can't post a picture.  I have finished 3 more smalls, for another exchange that I am participating in, I can show you two of them, but not the third.  I have also started my LNS Iced tea with silks, it is so pretty but the silk is driving me batty.  hope to finish it by Monday, I'll be happy if I get a moment to stitch today.  I am waiting for my lns to get in two yellow houses and hill house as she sold the few she had before I could get to them!  damn the bad luck, lol.  as if I don't have enough stash....nuff said
Hope you all have a pleasant and blessed weekend!  Thanks for visiting!

Little House Needleworks Iced tea kit using silks

need to add the seed beads
Lizzie Kate freebie

I just love this lil Patriotic garden by Waxwing moon


  1. beautiful stitching and what gorgeous doggies x

    1. Thank you, the Golden is 15 weeks old today, and a very big baby.

  2. Cute dogs and beautiful stitching, I really like your Patriotic garden.
    Happy Stitching

    1. Thank you! Now to figure out how I want to finish it. Lol