Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow fairy and a sick puppy

Happy Friday to everyone! It's been a busy week. I received these beautiful roses from my dear hubby. They are still so beautiful, I hope they last a little longer so I can continue to enjoy them.

My little boy Duncan has been sick since Sat, so we took him to the vet Wed where they gave him some IV fluid and anti nausea and a new diet, X-rays and bloodwork (and a very large bill) it appears he may have something stuck in his tummy, we know there is nothing metallic or plastic as that would have shown up but he has been known to eat his part of his blanket (but it always passed right through him) so he has perked up and is doing very well, I love having to check his poo every time he goes, so far nothing has appeared, lets just hope he continues to be on the mend. He is the biggest baby, following me around everywhere, his appetite is back to.

Lastly here is my With My Needle and Thread Miss Snow Fairy all framed up and looking cute, I left her wings off.

I also finished my LK exchange piece, will need to put that in the mail next week. I will place a photo once I am sure my partner has received it.

Well dinner is on the stove, dh just walked in, dog is doing a happy dance that his daddy is home, time to enjoy my family for the evening. Have a blessed night.



  1. Dawn ... Snow Fairy looks so cute! Great framing! Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Sorry your poor doggy has been sick Dawn.
    Congrats on your snow fairy finish!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and he seems to have recovered, his appetite is back and he actually wants to play again.

      It's always nice to pick up a framed piece!