Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exchange Received and Christmas decoration

Hello dear friends,

First I want to say hello to any newcomers that have signed up to follow me, "Hello" and thank you for stoping by.

I've been spending time with family (hubby had a 4 day weekend) and decorating the house, I have barely done any stitching, I did manage to do some yesterday, well, more ripping then stitching, I found a mistake and well it got the best of me so rip I did.  I am still working on Winter Plaid and an exchange piece that I need to mail by the 15th.

 received a Christmas ornament from Hooked On Exchanges- stitchers choice exchange yesterday, it really made my day since I've been waiting on two other exchanges that were  mailed in early Nov and have yet to get to me,  but receiving one yesterday put a smile on my face.  Becky at Stitchin Post really spoiled me with some goodies...
some Lindor truffles, a glue stick, floss, scissors, thread, and hand sanitizer

a ornament from borduurblog.blogspot.com, dmc fibers and opalescent linen from her stash,
Its so cute that it is a real stitching ornament

What else have I been up to?  Christmas decorating, in and out of the house

Top is our family tree in the great room, the second is outside decorating so far, I have icicles to hang, well, DH needs to hang :) and lastly my stitching tree in our study, it has more ornaments on it than you can see, but I call it my charlie brown tree.  So far so good with Chloe, at 9 months old she has left the tree, tinsel and ornaments alone, but she did grab my bread off the island yesterday when I turned my back to reach into the fridge...she is so tall now she gets into kitchen naughtiness easily now, it's hard to  redirect the dogs since the great room, eating area and kitchen are all one giant room...

It's been incredible warm here in southern Ohio, we had temps of 72 yesterday, and another warm day today except rain will be here this morning, makes it a good day to stitch!  I hope everyone has a blessed week and a smile on their face.



  1. Your decorations are lovely! It is raining & warm here this morning as well. Bah! Humbug, I say!

  2. Great exchange goodies! Your decorating looks great ~ we decided to give the tree a go as well...so far Panzer has been pretty good ~ only walked away from the tree twice with an ornament ball in his mouth ~ luckily, he didn't bite down, just carried them in his mouth. Oh, and I completely understand the kitchen thing. Panzer has grown so tall, that it doesn't take much for him to see what's on the counters!
    The warm weather is making it hard to be in the Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

  3. Aww Christmas tree is looking so lovely and all the decorations and lights are looking so wonderful..
    I love it so much..
    Lovely exchange gift received..
    Have a lovely week ..
    Big hugs cucki x