Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Good morning everyone! Lets see, yesterday I took a trip to Joann's, hobby lobby and Michaels looking for a particular kind of yarn and didn't find what I wanted, but I did find some beautiful chunky like yarn and started an afghan.m. I started it 3 times, lol only to rip it all out this morning and start over, my OCD kicked in with the chain 207 and by row 3 I was convinced I added to many, but this morning it started out fine, except I think I need to go back and find another color, I bought all they had of the dye lot but I don't I have enough for an afghan. Oh and I had to track down a whole different pattern, the "easy" one I initially picked left me more confused than ever, but I found a ripple/ v stitch one and I'm excited to see the finished product.

My winter plaid is on hold as I wait for additional thread to show up. I did manage to complete season of love, it's so cute, I need some quick gifts so I may try to whip out 2 more Ronnie's this week.

We had crazy downpours yesterday while I was at the Highschool, when I got home our subdivision had hail all over, we had a little pile over 5" deep, but alas it's gone. We are finally supposed to have some winter weather by Thursday. Yeah!!!

Well I'm off to make some cut outs, I've put it off long enough...I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Hugs and stitches,


  1. Aww such a cute finish..well done dear
    This is a lot of hail..we had same like last month.
    Me can't wait to see your afghan..lots of love for you cucki x

  2. I adore Season of Love :) Sounds like you have been busy too!

    1. thank you, it was a fast stitch, working on more ornies now.

  3. What strange weather for December! Love your little Season of Love finish, Dawn :)

  4. Hasn't the weather been crazy!?! That is some pile of hail! Cute little finish ~ hoping for some real snow here for a real snowman!