Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up

Hello friends,

Welcome to my newest followers, thank you for stopping by.  As always I think I'll get some time to sit and stitch and well, life happens:)  Weekends are no good for my stitching time, always something going on ,but this is a hobby, not a race.

I just finished a batch of peanut butter blossoms, last night M&M cookies, I am undecided if I will make cut outs or gingersnaps.  It's not very productive when the kids keep coming in for taste testing, have to run them down to the freezer before they are gone.

I have two little projects going on at the moment, Season of Love, by LHN, it looks like something I could do in a day but that isn't happening :)  the other is another LHN, Winter Plaid but I ran out of a color and my lns didn't have it and I just received a email from the ONS i placed an order with last week and was told they are out of it too.  I wish the pattern would have mentioned it requires 2 skeins.  It is what it is and we move on!  I have everything ready to work on baby it's cold outside, I am undecided on my color of fabric choice, she was out of "ale" so i choose an autumn gold, the colors are beautiful on it but I'm not sure if I should order ale, what do you think....the fabric has more of an orange hue to it that what the picture shows...
 My progress on winter plaid...
My Stitchers choice that I made for HOE exchange
Season of Love by CCN in the July / Aug 2010 magazine JCS
I love it, I think I'll make another for myself

Kringles Crow by Threadwork Primative
not sure how to finish it, having a bit of a block by I love it, the red just captivates me...

 My two knucklehead pups each chewing on a end of nylabone, I've got them all over the house but they always want what the other has

I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming week, keep the CT families in our prayers as we move forward...


  1. Beautiful stitching. All of them are so lovely. And your dogs are so lovely too.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Super cute stitching ..looking so lovely.
    Sweetie for you x

  3. Love your projects!! Let me know if you want me to check my LNS for the ale or any threads, I'd be more than happy to do so!
    Ugh, baking ~ haven't even started ~ maybe tonite, but I haven't decided.
    Cute pic of the pups ~ too funny about always wanting what the other one has ~ just like kids!

  4. Love your progress on Winter Plaid!! That is in my to start in January pile! ;o) Your ornaments are beautiful!!!