Friday, July 13, 2012

A bit of this and that

I don't know where the time is going, I've been busy while my kids are visiting their dad in PA, I've done some dabbling with sewing and crocheting and some stitching.  The Death heat has broken and has been replaced with some humidity but it is more bare able, we had 14 days of temps over 100.  the rain that's been predicted bails so the ground is dry, the grass is burned (kids will be happy that there is nothing to mow, lol)  My garden is wonderful, tomatoes are just starting to turn, i have 1 green pepper, but I will enjoy it and my zucchini are going crazy, next year, we will have a bigger garden, I started small this year since we have a lot of clay but we put down 10 bags of dirt and planted some veggies and we are happy with the progress.

Chloe is a beast, just turned 5 months, her personality is toddler stubborn.  she is funny and lovable but oh so mischievous, the kids are going to be surprised at how big she has grown in 2 weeks.  she just learned how to jump out of my trailblazer this week, pitiful, she would put her paws on either side of my shoulders and I would have to lift her out, she is far to big now.
Chloe at 5 months and duncan

I have been doing some sewing projects, making mug rugs, they are so cute and I made a pillow from the patriotic garden, i found perfect fabric at jo anns for it.
Patriotic garden- Waxwing moon

I finished two exchanges pieces as well, but i can't share them yet.  and I am working on a Rak for a new friend.

I spent a good amount of time on my shepherds bush piece, it's a lot of starting and stopping to change colors, i feel like I'm making so little progress.  this evening I pulled out my two yellow houses by LHN, it's so pretty but I know i need to concentrate on the shepherds bush piece.  I also ordered sweetest home by CCN a few weeks back, sigh, I'm still waiting for it to come, I'm not going to complain, Like i need more stash...

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe weekend.

Blessing to all


  1. Chloe looks so sweet. She is going to be a big girl. Very nice pillow.

    1. She is so big, her paws are huge but she is a big baby! Thank you, it's a freebie chart

  2. Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished : ) Love the patriotic stitch including the JoAnns fabric. I'll have to check the JoAnns in Lexington to see if they have any : ) Chloe looks HUGE but adorable : )

    1. Getting some things done. The fabric was just right for the pillow! It's a quick stitch!

  3. Your finish is lovely and your garden sounds great!
    Lovely photo of the two dogs.

  4. Very cute finish, Dawn!! I know just what you mean about no rain--we are frying here in the Pittsburgh area, too. I drove home from NY yesterday and it rained almost the whole way--until I got here!! Not one drop :(

    Chloe is one big, big dog!! I hope she plays nice with little Duncan!