Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Rak received and some progress

Good morning dear friends,

I received this beautiful RAK from Lisa P.The Inspired Stitcher yesterday, she was my partner in this past round of seasonal exchange, the first one I sent her fell apart, all I can think of was the 100* plus heat we had last month, days and days of heat and I made her a scissor book and used adhesive, probably a bad choice in heat.  I felt awful when I learned of it's demise, so I made her a replacement.  I was really shocked yesterday, not expecting her heart felt thank you, She made this beautiful thank you heart and I appreciate her gesture so very much, especially after this past weekend (keep reading).  Thank you so very much Lisa.

It's been a crazy last few days, I went to Erie to visit my parents, who are 79 and 80 and wow, I had drama, at one point all of us were crying and tempers and sadness.  It's so hard to watch your parents suffer and hurt, I still see my parents the way I did as a little girl but now they are frail and in pain.  It's hard to see your hero suffer, my dad in the last 8 years has suffered from 2 different cancers, multiple surgeries, triple bypass, and now constant pain where he tells you he wants to die, too much pain.
It didn't help that we had 98 degree heat and their air conditioner stopped working.  Emotions everywhere.  I've never had to comfort my mom, she was sobbing and I felt like I couldn't make her feel better.  It's hard to realize that it's the beginning of the end.  I know we were born only to die, but I sit here wondering when did my parents get old?  We are all ok, lots of hugs and love, but I know the time is coming and although I am 44, but I don't think I'm really prepared to deal with the impending loss of my parents.  My parents own a grape farm off of Lake Erie, it's a lot of work and no one is close  to help out, we do what we can but we are all over, I live 5 hours away, my oldest brother is 15 hours away and the closest brother is an hour from them. My dad has finally admitted that he can't take care of the farm anymore, that breaks his heart.  The farm is part of his beating heart and here is the circle of life.   Thank you for listening, I truly appreciate your time (it takes away from your stitching :))
the farm I grew up on,  a 44 acre grape vineyard

Well, I am a spoiled girl, my mother sent me home with her Janome Memorycraft sewing machine, it is completely computerized and also all her designs, and the embroidery disks.  I had to put it in my spare bedroom until I complete my contracted work (it's killing me, I want to start to sew with it)  I always joked with mom, i would call her up and ask what she was doing, she said sewing, I would laugh and say don't you mean watching, aside from changing thread colors she really didn't sew if it was embroidery mode.  My mom is into quilting and has made some beautiful quilts over the past few years for myself and brothers, grandkids etc.  She takes care of my dad so much now that she doesn't find pleasure in it.  She asked if I wanted it and, of course I said YES.

I did make some progress on my pieces.  I love the way this LHN piece is, the yellows are so cheery.
I need a mantra, I love Dory from Finding Nemo, perhaps I should adopt, "just keep stitching, just keep stitching, stitching, stitching..."  kind of catchy  :)

OHHHH I almost forgot, I did find out that I won a giveaway from Michelle at MIchelle's StitchCraft Place.  I can't wait for it's arrival, I found out that I won by reading her post, somehow I missed her email (I get a ton now that I am parent administrator for the high school men's  soccer team)  I did do a happy dance amongst my tears.  It is my first win in blog land, and again, I am so thankful for the friends that I have made in such a short time blogging and learning about blogging.  I still shake my head, how did I miss all those years of blogging? lol.

Lastly, Chloe turned 6 months old on Sunday, she is the size of an adult golden and still as playful as a puppy.  She is still a sweetie. She has sit and lie down, it's staying that she has issues with.  She is a work in progress as are we all.
Enjoy your week,


  1. Lisa P is a very sweet lady & your LHN piece is lovely : ) I know what you are dealing with regarding your parents. I went through the same thing years ago. I would see my dad not feeling well, very frail, & remember how hard he used to work in his garden & at a cabin we used to have clearing brush, chopping down trees, etc. My big strong hero daddy would have a sad look in his eyes as he sat watching someone else mow his yard or trim his trees. Truly heartbreaking.

  2. Dawn, I'm glad my little thank you came to you at just the right moment. I meant every word in my note to you. I really appreciated your extra effort more than you can know. I know it's hard to see your folks get old. I'm noticing it with mine too lately. I hope your week is good. Hugs.

  3. I agree...your LHN piece is wonderful. The yellows brighten the piece like 'rays of sunshine'.
    Chloe is precious. Can't imagine a home without a pet. Our Kody will be 10 this November and we can see sure signs of him slowing down. Actually, he has caught up with us in age. So sad to see them age this quickly.
    Glad I found your blog and thanks for sharing.

    Peace be with you,

  4. I'm sorry that the weekend with your parents was so emotional. It is very difficult to see them frail and fragile. I've seen it with my grandparents, and it just breaks your heart. Just love them and be there for them the best that you can.
    Your stitching is beautiful! I love the colors in your LHN piece!!!
    Chloe is just adorable!!!!

  5. It is so, so hard to watch our parents fail, isn't it, Dawn? Sending a warm hug your way...