Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ADD and project pouch

Hello friends and thank you for some new followers,  I was surprised that I am up to 23 new friends!  I am humbled and pleasantly surprised.  Welcome all.

So, it's already the 3rd week of August, some kids are back to school, mine start the 10th grade in 2 weeks.  Where did the summer go?  Everyday I tell myself to sit down and stitch and as soon as i get up to do one little thing, even as simple as getting something to drink, I become distracted and end up doing something completly different.  Such as this project pouch I made yesterday, I don't know what the heck happened to my stitching since it is in one room and the sewing machine is down in the basement.  Anyways.....it came out cute, I used a pattern for a laptop sleeve and a few more trys and I should be quite happy.  I'm not very good with zippers, this one came out decent but the lining fabric gets caught a little, so that can only mean one thing, I have to go shopping!  More material, more zippers and more attempts!  As always I am a work in progress.

Here is the pouch with a new start, its a La D Da  Trick or Treat pattern and I am using the handyed fabric that Fiona sent to me in the stitched with love exchange.  It is perfect.

Soccer season is off to a great start, the boys played their first game of the season Saturday and the JV boys won 9-0, the Varsity 2-0.  I was excited to see my son score a goal, so much cheering that I didn't get a picture of it, lol.  My daughter had a game last night, they got crushed and got in at 9:30 last night, so since they lost they had to be at practice at 8 am this morning to do conditioning.....ouch.  Tonight another boys game and concession stand volunteer duty.  This running never ends. I had to turn $12,000. in checks to the athletic director this morning since we have to pay $495. per student per sport!  I don't think I've ever held that much money before, lol.   I am the team administrator so if the money isn't payed the kids don't get to play.  I'm still surprised at how poorly Ohio handled their school funds that many schools have to PTP for sports.  My kids play club soccer and it's cheaper than this.  It is what it is.

I also had to break the news to NKU Youth orchestra and  UC College Conservatory of Music that Ashley has decided not to play the bassoon anymore, hasn't even touched it all summer.  Breaks my heart, the schools are disappointed but who knows she is 14 and maybe it's just a break?  she has worked with some awesome music conductors and teachers since our move to Cincy but her heart isn't in it so the passion in the music is not heard anymore...Remember being in highschool....

So see, ADD, I started out to tell you about the pouch and started babbling about everyting else...nuff said.  I received my Stitched with Love exchange and have been going over everything for a few days, lol.  I love packages!

Have a splended week!

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