Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A finish!

Goodness, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post.  I've tried on several occassions but Blogger has been giving me grief and then a few more days go by...
Anywho, last night i finished "Smell My Feet" from La D Da and I put it on some awesome handyed lugana that Fiona sent me from a previous exchange.  I Love Love Love the colors.  I had done some ripping out on several occasions, you know the story, off by one row etc and it throws the whold design off.  I have been working on my big Shepherds bush piece and somehow signed up for 4 autumn/ halloween exchanges, lol.  I think I've lost my mind.  I swear I spend hours pouring through charts and magazines looking for just the right design to make.

August and now Sept are very busy, our Chloe turned 7 months and continues her path to being a beast.  My baby girl turns 15 this weekend!   My mom was in and out of the hospital briefly to get a stint in her heart, wow, I get told the day she is admitted.  I blew up at my brother for not letting me know..."they don't want you to worry"  I live 5 hours away, vice the 10 hours i have been for the past 12 years, I need to know when my parents are not 44 I am still the baby and always treated as such.
Chloe on Ashley

Duncan And Chloe
look at her paws!

Friday night was military appreciation night at the High School football game, of course I went, of course I made my husband stand up when they asked for veterans to stand.  Of course I cried when they did a 21 gun salute and played Amazing Grace on bagpipe and bugle Taps.  They gave a WWII veteran his high school diploma because he dropped out of school right after Pearl Harbor to join the Marines.  It was very touching...then the B-25 fly over.  Fantastic tribute.

 I inherited 25 more boys as soccer mom administrator.  Yesterday it was feed the boys before they get on the bus for an away game, oh no, subway forgot a sub, ran back, got sub, ran back to school, feed the boy, coach doesn't know where the balls are, text asst coach, do you have the balls, text Nate is running late may miss the bus, text coach, nate is late, go ahead and leave, will send him, when are team pictures...I don't know...text athletic was moved...moved? week, coaches have do you have picture packets...ugh...ok, will look for the packets....and that is how 30 min of my life was just yesterday, this is a near daily event.  

What I have learned is that 26 high school boys are much easier to deal with then the parents of these boys.  LOL.  The boys are even easier and laid back when they have food :)  Tonight is team dinner night and my fundraiser from Yankee Candle came in yesterday, will have to pass those boxes out to the parents this evening.  Just a few more weeks and then I'll be wondering what will I do now....STITCH.

I am a Goal Keepers Mother- 110% crazy.  Some poor kid ran right into him as he was coming out of the box, wrong thing to do, my boy is solid....kid broke his leg colliding with my boy!

Hope everyone is doing well.  Just keep stitching...


  1. Hi Dawn, I love your embroidery and it would fit really good in my area as I am living around the mountain where the witches meet by the end of April ;-)
    And I love Duncan!!!! I also have a littel french Bulldog. Her name is Trude and if you want, you can see her in my blog.
    Greetings from Germany, Love Sabine

    1. Sabine, Thank you for your kind words, Trude is so very cute, she looks tiny, Duncan is my baby, he is 5 years old, Chloe is just a puppy and is so mean to him!
      Germany looks beautiful, I lived in Sardenia for a few years but never made it to Germany, my husband lived there for a few years as a child, his father was in the military. Ohio, isn't very exciting, lol. Thanks for visiting.