Monday, September 17, 2012

Magazine Feature

I have been lucky enough to join a stitching exchange group this year, Stitched with Love, created and moderated by Lainey over in the UK.  She shared the news over the weekend that the group was featured in a magazine.  I just went to the store to see if the issue was available, but alas, it was not, at least not yet, but I will keep my eyes open for it. 

As for stitching, I've been working diligently, but at time my mind drifts... my local LNS shop owner found out she had breast cancer, scary thing is I"m as young as she is :(  She is in my thoughts daily as her surgury was scheduled for today I believe.  Please take a moment and remember all the women in our lives that suffer from this.

Also, another person I follow in blogland is having some family pain as well, if we could keep her in your prayers while she tries to get some answers, I send a personal thank you for this.

Shirlee gave me a plug on her blog and wow, my viewer numbers jumped over the weekend, so thank you to all who have visited me, looks like I may have to get into a giveaway when  I reach 50. 

Have a great week and keep on stitching...



  1. So nice to hear from you
    Have a lovely day x

  2. Will definitely add your friends to my prayer list. I participate in SWL as well. It's a lovely group & so nice for Lainey to get the magazine mention!