Sunday, May 6, 2012

time flies

Hello dear friends,
It's been a busy weekend, Uncle Chuck passed Friday evening, I'm happy he is at peace and his family no longer has to watch him suffer.  DH has been rather melancholy this weekend.  Service is Wednesday.  Thank you for your prayers.
Friday evening DH and I went to the Avengers for a date night and had a fantastic time, loved the movie, can't wait for the DVD.  I really suggest if you like the Marvel series that you take in this movie.
This weekend we had a soccer tournament by Wright Pat Air Force Base, it was a longggg day, first game at 9 am, second at 4:30 and then another at 9Am today, alas the boys played great though they were literally out of their league.  Howerver, it was such a beautiful day today, and yesterday afternoon, not to hot, just right.  I loved being outside in the sunshine.  We took the puppy, she is so big and was a little lady today, everyone was loving on her.
Unfortunately it was not a productive weekend for stitching so I don't have anything to report or show.  Tomorrow I do home to finish my Home of a needleworker by LHN, just one more letter to do and a few little things to finish the piece.  I think I am going to try framing this one on my own....I think.

Hope everyone has a pleasant Monday!


  1. My thoughts are with you & your husband regarding the passing of Uncle Chuck. There's an AFB in Ohio? I didn't know that! Gotta check into that one : )

    1. Shirlee,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, there is a AFB straight up 75 to 675 just outside Dayton. It's pretty big. I can't believe I haven't stepped foot in the commissary or the Exchange- I know I would get into to much trouble. I think from Cincy it's about an hour and 15 min drive.