Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Shirlee- PIF received

Oh, how exciting it is to find the only thing in the mail is for ME!  NO Bills, but a wonderful goodie envelope of stitch stuff.  Thank you Shirlee for your thoughtfulness.  I participated in a PIF exchange that Shirlee sponsored a few months back.  Here is a pic of all the goodies, some needles, a needle magnet, 5 skeins of Crescent colors, and two little projects to work on.

now, my puppy lost her ever loving mind yesterday, she got into my floss for a kitted shepherds bush piece that i am contracted to do, and I put her outside and I caught her eating my Peaonies!   ughh, my husband kindly reminded me that "You wanted her", lol, yes I did and luckily I have all the floss that she tore up, it was dmc floss, not any overpriced speciality threads.  phew.  she is still alive and I actually worked on it for a few hours this morning.  She is a big girl, she was 12 weeks old on Sunday and just growing to fast.  I guess the mischief she got into yesterday tired her out because all she did was sleep today...


  1. You're very welcome ... I'm glad you liked what I sent : ) I see puppy had a busy day yesterday ... lol! Gotta love 'em though : )

    1. I especially loved the Crescent colors, I have a small stock, I only buy what a pattern has called for and I only started using them last summer. They are so beautiful, but I agree with you on a previous post of yours, they knot up so darn fast and I too find them difficult to to work with, but the pieces are so nice. Plus I have nearly every color of DMC, my mom and I used to go crazy when they would be on sale for 5 or 10 cents a skein, a few years back....lol.
      As for the pup, she got to live another day...she is a sweet lil girl though.