Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up..

I have been doing some stitching, I feel rather scattered, I have my Shepherds bush Piece, below is a picture of the floss that the pup got into, it is a kitted piece so it took some time to sort the colors and then she destroyed it all in a minute, lol.  At least I had all the floss to replace. Second Pic is the progress I am making on it...I don't work on it as much as I should.  The third is the cord from my light that I use to stitch with, self explanatory.  Next is my front door, I saw this cute lil wreath on Pinterest and ran out and made my own, it uses fun fur yarn over styrafoam wreath, I decorated it with ribbon and button flowers.  some pics of the pups in the pool on Friday, it was brutally hot.  I also made a trip to my LNS, bought a few patterns, some Miscellaneous linen cuts, spent way to much.  I have pics of my Stitched with love piece but can't share those yet.  and lastly, My LHN Iced Tea pattern finally made it to me, I ordered this back on March 1. I won't be ordering from this mail order shop again, despite the sale that she had, it was more frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting.
Now, I should be sitting down stitching but I feel like baking, I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies or muffins?  they are both so good...
I hope you have a wonderful day !
Friends in stitches
Floss from a kit...whats left after Chloe got into it

Progress on Shepherds bush piece
Magnifying Light-
Chloe- Nuff Said...

Little wreathe on my front door, I made it from a Pin from Pintrest

Fur babies enjoying playtime in a pool

A trip to my lns- spent 3x what I had planned...

Took nearly 3 months to get this! 


  1. Ooooo.... it's a good thing furbabies are cute, isn't it?? Cute wreath and great stash!

    1. Thank you ! Yes, if it wasn't for the cuteness I would have had a breakdown, I put her outside to clean up the floss and found her eating my peonies! she is only 13 weeks old, I hope she grows out of this soon :) My frenchie is 5 and he never touched my stitchy stuff. I love my lns, always get good stashy stuff.

  2. Hi there! I'm a new follower :)

    Don't you just love mischievous little furbabies... or you can try to love them once you've found stuff torn up to bits. Who knows why they do it... I have had a few book fallen victim to by not-so-little Leia. But loves her anyways haha.

    I so wish I had a LNS here but they all died out about 5-6 years ago when the big box stores took over ie: Michaels. don't get me wrong, michaels is great for cheap floss but they don't carry a great selection of fabric or charts. OH MY!

    Happy Stitching!!!

    1. Hi, thank you for joining. I still chuckle at this blogging stuff. I am not very good at posting but I do read everyone else's. If I would sit and read how to edit the pages I might get somewhere but I'd much rather stitch. I am reading Golden retrievers for dummies. Lol. And I follow a forum on Goldens too. I just love her to death but she is determined to destroy something daily. Always chewing up mulch, flowers, my yard. My frenchie is stubborn but he never got into my stitchy stuff.
      It so hard to find a good shop, they have a hard time competing with online stores to but it is nice to go and look through new patterns etc.
      I love your pics, but it looks so cold! I've had the air running for weeks. Today is beautiful, windows are open trying to get the house of dog smell out. I've been up to Georgian Bay for my first honeymoon. It was beautiful there. I also have been to Stratford to see Hamlet. I grew up 2. Hours from the falls so I've crossed over I to Canada many times. Now it's so complicated with the need of passports.
      Thanks for stopping by!