Monday, May 7, 2012

Home of a Needleworker Too!- Happy Dance

Yeah, I finished it!  I did change the "H"  to match the rest of the color and didn't add the little house incorporated in the "H" either but I am pleased as to how pretty it is.  Now the bigger question is what to work on Next, I have a few Wips in my basket that are calling for attention, I have a contracted piece that is huge that I really need to apply more time to, and I have a new exchange that I have chosen a pattern but need to go and pull the floss and fabric for.  decisions designs...
We are expecting more storms this afternoon and evening so I should have time to get some stitching done.  I hope everyone has a fantastic week.

Chloe getting bigger  (11 weeks)

Duncan giving me a look like another picture, really?


  1. The LHN looks great! Such cute pooches : )

  2. thank you, I saw this pattern and was just dying to stitch it up. I really love the colors. If you want to borrow it just let me know. My fur babies are monkey see and monkey do, aka Thing 1 and Thing 2. Since I don't have any local friends, they are my sanity. lol.