Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a few updates

Good morning friends,
time is flying by, kids are down to 6 weeks of school!  the puppy is now bigger than my Frenchie and if I tire her out enough, I actually get some stitching done :)
Lets see, Housebreaking is going ok, we had a little set back, she is under treatment for a UTI, her anatomy isn't ideal, her lil peep is tucked in a bit and  can easily trap bacteria, so with her feeling like she had to go every 5 min sometimes we made it outside, sometimes we didn't, but, she is doing much better, no accidents yesterday and none so far this morning.  I'm finding working with her much easier when the kids are at school!  She is a good puppy for the most part, she is now 10 weeks old and growing like a weed.
Duncan, well he gives me a look that says please take her back, i promise to be good...lol  he does ok with her but she is very playful and he would rather just nap and snuggle.  The good thing is having her gets me out walking 2-3 times a day and that is good for me.
I made a lot of progress sat, dh was on his golfing trip with navy buddies at myrtle beach and it was awful weather, rained all day sat, so my daughter and I went to the dollar theater and took in John carter and then we made homemade philly cheese steaks, yumm and my son, daughter and I watched movies all evening.  it was quite fun.  I think sat is the only day i did any stitching, the rest of the time was running for one reason or another.
Uncle chuck is still hanging on, I can't believe it, he's been home for 2 weeks and doesn't know anyone, not eating etc...we still wait for the call.
I've just been reading blogs like crazy yesterday and today and started searching for the perfect pattern for my new exchange that I'm participating in, "stitched with love"  I'm very excited and now that i know her likes and dislikes, i have started to prepare my package for her.
I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic week..
Home of a Needleworker too- LHN

Chloe sitting pretty

Chloe trying to get cool on the tile under daddy's feet

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